Activities in Dalmatia


Dalmatia (Croatian: Dalmacija) is one of the four historical regions of Croatia, alongside Croatia proper, Slavonia, and Istria. Dalmatia is a narrow belt of the east shore of the Adriatic Sea, stretching from island of Rab in the north to the Bay of Kotor in the south. The hinterland (Dalmatian Zagora) ranges in width from fifty kilometres in the north, to just a few kilometres in the south; it is mostly covered by the rugged Dinaric Mountains. 79 islands (and about 500 islets) run parallel to the coast, the largest (in Dalmatia) being Brač, Pag and Hvar. The largest city is Split, followed by Zadar, Dubrovnik, and Šibenik.

Coffee Time

Everything can be done a little later or, most likely, over a cup of coffee.

People's lifestyle in Dalmatia has been influenced by the Mediterranean climate and leads to a lack of urgency and especially to the cafe` culture. A perfect day in Šibenik starts with a great cup of coffee. Drinking coffee is a ritual in Dalmatia. Everything can be done a little later or, most likely, over a cup of coffee. In Dalmatia you should never drink your coffee fast; you should take your time and enjoy it, no matter whether you are alone or in good company.

Bungee Jumping, Šibenik Bridge

If you think you are brave enough – go ahead!

The most well-known symbol of Central Dalmatia is – the Šibenik Bridge. This bridge is located at the entrance of Šibenik, and it offers a special attraction – bungee jumping! The bridge is 40 meters high and jumping requires lot of courage and nerves made of steel. It is completely safe.

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Aquapark Solaris, Šibenik

A fairy-tale

The Aquapark is the first theme water park in Croatia. It is located in the family part of the Solaris Beach Resort, next to Solaris Kids Hotel Andrija and Solaris Beach Hotel Jakov. Numerous slides, nozzles, sprinklers and waterfalls are part of the fun adventure. It extends over eight thousand square meters with a variety of activities and attractions such as the extremely popular “lazy river”, the large barrel at the rain fortress and thekids’ zone.

Rafting, River Zrmanja

Tour through the magnificent canyon of river Zrmanja

Rafting lovers have named it „the beauty and the beast“, because when the water level is high, it offers one of the best rafting experiences in this part of Europe. On the other hand, Zrmanja is, with its tributary Krupa, one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. During the summer time, it’s quiet, peaceful and it carries you lightly through breathtaking landscapes.

Jeep Safari

Historical Time Machine of Dalmatia

Travel programs are created for individuals who want to enjoy the safety of organized trips during their journey, but at the same time crave for spontaneity. The drivers will pick you up in front of the hotel or some other place at the agreed time. They will give you a ride on the Adriatic road to enjoy the stunning views.

Windsurfing & Sailing

Have fun on water no matter your age

Did you ever wish to become a windsurfer and sailon the sea with a big smile on your face? You can book your windsurfing course or rent a sailboat or kayak.

Big Game Fishing

Dalmatia is perfect place for hunting

The Adriatic Sea is a paradise for hunting Bluefin tuna, Amberjack, Swordfish, little Tunnies, mahi-mahi fish and other big game fish species. The boat “Bakul” and its legendary captain Anton are holder of the highest individual fishing quota for Bluefin tuna. Therefore, at the guests’ request, most caught fish can be pulled in, photographed and portioned out among the guests.

Diving Center

Diving courses for you and your family.

Diving center Mediterraneo sub was founded in 1997 and since then it gives you a wonderful insight into one of the world's most beautiful underwater world. Archaeological sites and valuable research shipwrecks are just part of the adventure offered by our center. The blue clean sea will leave you fascinated and provide an unforgettable experience that brings adrenaline adventure of diving in the Adriatic.