Gastronomy in Dalmatia

Taste of the Adriatic Sea

Wherever the road in Dalmatia leads you, look for a good seafood restaurant or tavern...The dalmatian gastronomy along the coast and on the islands is based on the traditional natural and healthy Mediterranean food, which consists of vegetables, olive oil, fish, shells, wine, goat and sheep cheese, citrus fruit, marasca cherries, grapes, figs and almonds.

The richness of the sea and the sea life combined with herbslike rosemary, bay leaf, basil and olives proviedsan extraordinary smell and taste. A favorable geographical position allows good conditions for growing olive trees, which are used to make the well known Dalmatian olive oil.

Pelegrini, Šibenik

In front of the Šibenik Chatedral of St.James

Pelegrini is the best restaurant in Šibenik. They have been voted for the best restaurant in the whole region of Dalmatia three times in a row, in addition to winning an award for being the best restaurant in whole Croatia in 2015 and 2016. Their philosophy is to take local ingredients from Dalmatia and use them to make traditional dishes, but with a modern twist. It’s located in a palace which only compliments the atmosphere.

Tavern Nostalgia, Šibenik

Taste of the Mediterranean as it once was

Tavern Nostalgija is an intimate restaurant with friendly service and fantastic food. The staff is alwayswilling to make recommendations. It is a great place to have a slow meal, enjoying each course as it comes.

The Bibich Winery, Plastovo

The ultimate food and wine pairing

The Bibich Winery is an ideal place for lovers of fine wine and food in Croatia. The vineyards are located in the rolling hills above the historic townSkradin and the National Park Krka in the bucolic village of Plastovo. Depending on the season, you'll enjoy tender domestic-raised veal, free range ducks, pheasant and other poultry together with a medley of organically grown vegetables and herbs from the extensive gardens.

+385 (0)22 775 597

Tavern Vidrovača, Bilice

Secret place to dine and wine

This special place can be only accessed by boat which is excellently organized by the owners. Alongwith a wide variety of fish and shellfish from the Skradin and Šibenik sea archipelago, they offer a variety of meat specialites. A good meal is often escorted with a good glass of wine. They offer a solid selection of local and international wines, champagnes and cocktails.

Adriatic Grašo, Split

Dine and enjoy a view of beautiful sea

It provides an extraordinary view and excelent food in a beautiful seafront location. Restaurant Grašo is located ina unique position on Sustipan cliff with a view of the city lights, the beautiful sea and the islands of the archipelago.

Restaurant Foša, Zadar

Dine and enjoy a view of beautiful sea

Seafood restaurant Foša is situated in a small port called Foša, very close to the walls from the 16th century. It´s a combination of both the age-long Dalmatian trend and the modern trends, not only in architecture and interior decoration,but also in gastronomy.The pleasant atmosphere keeps traditional elements and the modern elements show that the restaurant keeps up with the time, following the guest's requests.

La Cantinetta, Skradin

Dine and enjoy a view of beautiful sea

This family restaurant set in a walled courtyard has earned an enviable culinary reputation on the back of locally-influenced dishes such as roast lamb. The fish and shellfish are also top class. Cantinetta is so devoted about the authenticity of its notoriously slow-cooked skradinski rižot (risotto with veal) that you are advised to order it at least a day in advance. Since the process of cooking is so complex, they require orders by a minimum of 10 people.

+385(0)22 771 183

Restaurant Skala, Skradin

Dine and enjoy a view of beautiful sea

The location of the restaurant Skala offers a view ofthe marina and the bridge which connects north and south Dalmatia. Just like the water from the river Krka blends with the AdriaticSea, so does their kitchen bring together the taste of tradition and supreme gourmet pleasure.

Restaurant Mediteran, Primošten

The true spirit of the Mediterranean

Restaurant Mediteran motto is: traditional Mediterranean cuisine with modern breakthrough. Be sure that you will enjoy their world class staff service as everyone in the team is a food enthusiast and lover. You will also love their pleasant atmosphere in which you can relax with a glass of wine and specialties made with lots of love.