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Advantages of renting a luxury villa

Advantages of renting a luxury villa

When looking for an extraordinary holiday experience, you might wonder whether to book a room in a hotel or a luxury villa.

Booking a room in a hotel means a lot of restrictions, as you have set times for your meals and the working hours of the amenities. Also, you get less for your buck as you only have a private room with a bathroom, with everything else shared with other guests.

If you want to have a private and luxurious vacation, there is no better choice than renting a private luxury villa with everything you need under one, private roof. You are free to do whatever you want, whenever you want and you don’t need to worry about a thing. Just enjoy your time together with your family or friends.

Today we will be discussing the advantages of renting a luxury villa and why it should be your next choice for the vacation.

You get full exclusivity

Considering the current conditions around the world, social distancing is an important factor when travelling. Booking a room in a hotel means sharing the dining area with all the other guests, which disallows you in keeping your distance. 

Swimming pools in the hotels are also used by everybody else, which is not very hygienic and might be repulsive to some people.

When renting a luxury villa, you get an entire deluxe home just for you. That means your own dining room, a private swimming pool, or a Jacuzzi. You can sit on your private terrace with an astounding view, all alone or with your travel partners, and have the best relaxing time of your life with a glass of the best Croatian wine. 

That sounds much better than sitting by a crowded pool with someone’s kid splashing you while jumping into it.

private swimming pool

Secluded location for more privacy

Most of the luxury villas are places in peaceful, secluded locations that leave a sense of tranquillity. If you want to have all the luxury while being unbothered by other people, start your search for a luxury villa in Croatia.

The villas are usually secluded, but close enough to the main town or city so you can do everything you want in just a few-minute drive.

You can choose from various locations and it is up to you how far away you want to be from the main town.

Unlike hotels, you can go out for a night and come back to your villa and have a snack, without worrying if the kitchen is open or not because you’ve got your own food, in your own kitchen, independent of anyone. 

The luxury villa is actually your home away from home. You can be yourself and enjoy your vacation to the maximum.

More space than in hotel rooms

Renting a room in a hotel means just that - you usually get a room and a bathroom, and that’s it. Sometimes that is not enough.

A family vacation will surely be much more relaxing if everyone has their own room where they can be on their own and rest. With a luxury villa, you get all the space you need because, even if you are travelling with other people you love, vacation is all about relaxing and sometimes that means having some private time without them to recharge and unwind.

And unwinding on your bed in a room away from others is occasionally just the thing you need.

private time in a villa

Get more value for your money

Everyone wants to get what they paid for. Overpriced hotel rooms are nice, but can’t compete with luxury villas.

Except for the private pool and the serenity without the distraction of other people, by renting a private villa you get more value for your money in terms of ease and comfort of luxurious surroundings. 

Luxury villas combine luxurious elegance with an ambience of a home. They are usually placed in secluded locations which give you an extra sense of privacy and serenity. 

The rooms in a hotel are often smaller than expected, and with a luxury villa, you get a lot of space, and all of it is just for you.

It is better to enjoy beautiful Croatian sunsets without other people getting in the way, right?

Unique design to suit your needs

Each luxury villa has its own design and ambience. Whether you like a rustic atmosphere or a minimalistic and modern design, you can pick exactly what you want. With hotels, that isn’t often the case.

Do you want a private heated pool? No problem. A pet-friendly villa? Also, no problem.

You can choose between sea view and beachfront villas, or if you own a boat, villas with a private boat mooring place.

Whatever your needs and wishes are, you can find a perfect luxury villa that will fulfil them.

villas in Croatia

Perfect for those who travel in groups

Booking a villa is more practical for groups than booking hotel rooms. When travelling in a group, renting hotel rooms will probably mean getting separate rooms, oftentimes on a different floor. That means you can’t really enjoy your time together unless you all go somewhere. That option isn’t really practical as sometimes you just want to sit together and chat while sipping on some tasty alcohol.

A luxury villa is a perfect choice for a group, as it has all the rooms needed, and you get extra space to hang out together and party if you want. 

Whether you are a group of party animals or wellness lovers (or both!), you will have a lot more fun by renting a luxury villa.

Great choice if you have kids

A lot of villas offer many amenities for children like a playground, board games, games consoles and even playing sports. Not to mention the swimming pools in which jumping isn’t prohibited. Your kids will have the time of their life, while you rest and enjoy the sunshine.

“I’m bored” will not be used in a sentence, as they will have more options than they can imagine. 


Renting a luxury villa is the best option if you want to have luxury and privacy combined with a beautiful and private view. 

You can choose a design of your preferences, and amenities that suit your needs. It is a great choice for families and those who travel in groups, as you stay together in a home-like ambience.

Having a party is an option unlike in a hotel, and enjoying your vacation without anyone else bothering you is something everyone wants on their holiday.

Book your private villa now and have an adventure of your life in Croatia!

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