Stay active on your vacation: Experience the wild side of Šibenik Croatia

Stay active on your vacation: Experience the wild side of Šibenik Croatia

Are you planning to visit Šibenik City in Croatia? Renting villa in Šibenik is always a fun experience as the city has many interesting sights to offer, from UNESCO heritage to many activities guests can have fun with during their stay.

It is important to stay active during your vacation, especially if you enjoy exercising and adrenaline pleasures. 5M has it all, from simple jet ski rides to full-fledged adrenaline trips!

dolphins in Croatia

Have you ever wanted to go dolphin watching? The most common species in these parts of The Adriatic sea is the bottlenose dolphin (lat. tursiops trancatus). The team's biology expert will guide you the the best locations, and when and if the dolphins are found you will slowly join them in their natural habitat! Exploration of the archipelago is also included here, from coves to St. Nikola fortress on the sea!

Jet ski rent Šibenik

Other things include a kayaking trip, the ideal way to explore the naval history of the city, pedalboat renting, jet ski rides, stand up peddling, taxi boat near Šibenik and much more. You can also rent boat in Šibenik with 5m company, with a couple of boats in their offer! Boat trips are here too, and you can go to any local destination!

Kayak ride in Šibenik Croatia

The adrenaline ride is a real treat! It includes jumping from a 13 meter cliff, if you are not afraid of heights, each guest will be pulled by rope to really feel the sea, some can try snorkeling in the crystal blue sea and much much more!

Check out our villas in Šibenik and contact 5m company for more details about the trips!

Photos: 5M Croatia