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Dragon's eye lake in Rogoznica Croatia: Untouched nature with amazing heritage

Dragon's eye lake in Rogoznica Croatia: Untouched nature with amazing heritage

Welcome to Rogoznica, an amazing town with more than 50 km of coastline located in central Dalmatia region in Croatia. It offers its guests amazing beaches made for everyone, from pebble beaches to dalmatian stone and concrete. Some of those are hidden away in stunning bays all around the Rogoznica area.

Rogoznica offers many activities and one of those is cycling with many biking trails taking you all around the beautiful stunning nature and historical sites. Be sure to take a tour of the walking paths too or explore the underground world with popular diving locations like Planka cove, Smokvica or Hrid Mulo.

Rogoznica also attracts sailor and yachting tourism with Marina Frapa located in Soline bay with 450 well-equipped berths and 150 dry berths.

With many sights you can visit in this small coastal Dalmatian town with a tempting atmosphere of a charming Mediterranean town, Zmajevo oko lake (Dragon's eye lake) is by far the most interesting monument of Rogoznica.

Dragon's lake has many stories tied to it, stories about dragons, Greek mythology heroes and aliens!

There are a few legends about the lake. One tells a tale of the dragon Murin. Murin was the son of the goddess Hera and Poseidon, the god of the sea. Poseidon ruled Vela Smokvica and he protected the people of the land. Murin, as his son and another protector, asked to marry the prettiest girl and make her his wife. And on the wedding night, he would then kill her.

One day Aristol, the grandson of Jason the Argonaut, and fell in love with Murin's girl. He then challenged the dragon to a duel to win her heart. His spear was forged by god Hephaestus. In his last moments, dragon Murin took out his own eyes and threw then in the air. One fell over the Mljet island and the other one fell beneath his feet making the stone melt. The sea poured in the hole, thus making it a lake.

Because of the couple's happy ending, there is a belief that couples who swim in the lake will have a lifetime of happiness!

Another story is abouttwo brothers, one of whom was blind. As they talked about their inheritance, theother brother tricked the blind one who cursed the disputed land. He also wished in his curse that the land he lost be turned into a lake and that's how the Dragon's lake in Rogoznicacame to be.

The third story includes aliens! It is believed that the lake is a crash site of alien spaceship. Every 30 years the aliens send a distress signal to their planet and that is the reason why during those times the lake boils and plants around it die.

The lake can change color too as the layers of the water sometimes mix. Are you ready to visit this amazing place? Don't worry, its safe for swimming!

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