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Dalmatian Konoba: A place to try amazing food and feel the tradition

Dalmatian Konoba: A place to try amazing food and feel the tradition

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The Croatian south and the Dalmatia region is known for many things, and unique amazing gastronomy is definitely one of them. During your visit to this region, you can find lots of great restaurants where you can try local food and beverages and it is something you should not miss!

Gastronomical delights made by the chefs who nurture and love the tradition and traditional food preparation will be unforgettable as the food and ingredients will always be fresh and as domestic as possible as well as well prepared. The wine is produced in local vineyards and one of the most famous is made from Babić sort.

What does konoba mean?

When tourists travel to Dalmatia and hear the word konoba, they are led to believe that it is a kind of restaurant.

And it is, but its much more than that! It is a place where you will see the tradition and the life of the locals now and in the past. It is a true soul of traditional cuisine in Dalmatia, as well as the Istria region!

The word is usually translated as a tavern or a cellar and it derives from the Latin word "canaba" which means a hut or a shed. When put in plural, canabae, you get a word that describes a settlement that was located near a Roman military complex used by merchants and soldiers on leave.

What can you eat in konoba?

Konoba is to Croatia what the trattoria is to Italy or a bistro to France. A real hallmark of tradition!

A typical menu in a konoba restaurant generally includes fish specialties, meat dishes, food prepared under peka, octopus, tasty risottos and much much more! There are some that serve less traditional meals, so you could try a pizza or french fries.

In the past and today, it is a place where homemade wine is made and held, usually distinguished by stone walls and wood furniture as well as tools for work in the vineyards and fields. It is known that the best wine is held in wood barrels!

They were not used as restaurants much in the past, but today visitors find them charming and today konobas can be found throughout Dalmatia and Istria regions.

Some villas in our offer also have them and there you can try homemade products, like prosciutto, cheese, wine, dried figs and much more! And of course, all traditional products can be found in any konoba restaurant!

Regardless if it a villa or a restaurant, konobas are a perfect place to enjoy the company of family and friends over a tasty gastronomical pleasure, so get ready for the gastronomical experienceof your life!

Konoba was and is a place where friends come to relax after a hard day's work or hard day's work of traveling! It is a place of joy and sadness and a cure to all troubles.

A real holy place where grapes become wine. Good food and wine are the trademarks of a good konoba. Konoba Vinko near the famous historical city of Šibenik is one of them, and you should definitely check it out!

Konoba is a true showcase of the Dalmatian friendliness and the peoples' hard work and you definitely won't miss one during your holiday! If you enjoy visiting traditional gastronomy spots, and like the Dalmatian cuisine and culture, read more about it on our blog.


What food is most often served in konoba?

A typical menu in a konoba restaurant usually includes fish specialities, meat dishes, octopus, risotto and much more.

How did konoba get its name?

The word konoba is derived from the Latin word ‘canaba’, meaning a hut or a shed. The place is similar to an Italian trattoria or a French bistro.

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