Visiting largest island in Croatia: 10 things to do on Brač Island in the south

Visiting largest island in Croatia: 10 things to do on Brač Island in the south

Welcome to the island of Brač, one of many Croatian pearls of on the Adriatic coast!

It will satisfy any needs of its visitors as it has beautiful untouched nature, famous stunning beaches as well as historical and cultural heritage to feel a bit of history during your visit!

Around 1.5 hours ferry ride from the Split city port separates you from this gem and only an hour direct from the Split Airport.

Here are our picks for the top 10 things you can do on the island of Brač in Croatia:

1. Relaxing on the Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape) beach

Swimming in the crystal clear sea and relaxing on this famous beach is really a great experience as it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia.

It is memorable because of the white pebbles which form an interesting shape which changes depending on the sea current and the wind.

2. Blaca Monestery

Blaca Monestery is settled around the cliffs of the Brač island only a few kilometers from the bay. The walk around the 16th century is truly amazing and any visitor should visit it.

Today the monastery has around 10 000 books, artwork, interesting armor collection, piano, and a telescope all acquired through exchanging monastery's farm production products, olive oil, wine, and honey.

3. Zmajeva špilja (Dragons cave)

One of four monasteries around Bol and it originates from the 4th century and it is said that it formed fairytale legends of the island.

Check out the stunning view of the Vis and Hvar islands and visit the other two monasteries Silivo and Stipančić.

4. Sculpting academy in Pušćica

Experience the long tradition of stone sculpting on the island and see how hard and rough stone is made into magnificent sculptures which can be seen all around town.

A famous quarry is also nearby with pure white limestone. Did you know that this stone was used in the construction of the White House?

5. Walking around the town of Bol

This is a must! Check out the great sacral architecture around town, such as Our Lady of Grace, Gothic-Renaissance church from the 15th century.

Visit King's Stairs and the local market with homemade products. There is also Bransilav Drašković Gallery in the Renaissance-Baroque palace from the 17th century, and much more!

6. Local food and wine tasting

One of the finest wines are produced on Brač island and local vineyards give grapes of wonderful taste. Local specialties include lamb meat, prosciutto, cheese, shellfish, squid and other fish meals are all a must-try!

7. Ethno village Dol

Ethno village Dol is a true witness to the magnificent history and culture of Brač island.

It is surrounded by stone and forests and with its unique architecture in the Mediterranean is truly breathtaking. Here you must try Hrapoćuša, tasty cake named after the stone surrounding the village.

8. Postira in the Lovrenčina Bay

Small village Postira was established in the 16th century and it has a rich history and culture.

Guests can visit the castle where famous Croatian poet Vladimir Nazor was born, Parish church from the 6th century with the hidden basilica and Christian monastery complex and Mirje on Mali brig.

Nearby beach hides the remains of the 5th-century church, so find it if you can!

9. Visiting Supetar and Škrip

Another area of the Brač island rich with a historical heritage dating back to Roman rule with many churches and old villas.

Take a cultural tour of Supetar town where you can see amazing works of art include the art of the father of modern Croatian sculping - Ivan Rendić.

Škrip village is a museum of architectural tradition and Island of Brač Museum is located in its 16th-century tower.

10. Museum of Olive Oil

Located in a small town of Škrip on the Brač island, The Museum of Olive Oil is dating back over 3000 years and it is a true showcase of the tradition of the olive oil production on the island of Brač and the south of Croatia.

The museum features many interesting exhibits like the original oil mill, olive press, fireplace for heating the water, transport equipment and much more, all showing the production process of olive oil.

There is also a shop where you can buy and taste this superb-quality olive oil.

Does this sound interesting? Rent villa on the island and take your vacation on the next level!

Photos: Blaca Monestery (Photo Blaca Hermitage), Bol town image Marin0110 under CC, Supetar (Photo Zuffe under CC)