Top 5 restaurants in Šibenik area

Top 5 restaurants in Šibenik area

The Croatian southern region called Dalmatia is famous for its history and cultural heritage. There are many interesting sites throughout the coast and countryside and there is something for everyone and many monuments are protected by the UNESCO!

Wherever the road takes you, as Dalmatia is known for its gastronomical pleasures, always be on the lookout for a good restaurant or a traditional tavern complex where you will surely experience the amazing traditional dalmatian way of life. There is a range of seafood and meat dishes that will satisfy any taste.

Gastronomy along the coast is based on healthy Mediterranean food with lots of vegetables, olive oil and traditional spices which will give that amazing taste to dishes you try during your vacation. The climate in these parts of Croatia is amazing so the olive oil and olive groves are superb!

One of the famous ways of food preparation in Dalmatia is preparing meat "under peka", where all the ingredients of the meaty dish are put under an iron lid with fire around it, and for preparing fish and seafood meals there are countless ways each unique in its own way.

Don't forget, nothing goes without the famous local wine made from Babić wine sort which is unique for this geographical area. Babić wine is something you shouldn't miss!

Here are our top restaurants in Šibenik area for guests to visit during their vacation.

1. Pelegrini

The first restaurant on this list is the magnificent Pelegrini restaurant, second-year running Michelin star winner, located in the historical city of Šibenik just a few paces away from the UNESCO World Heritage site Cathedral of St. James.

Pelegrini restaurant in Šibenik is truly one of the best restaurants in Dalmatia and Croatia altogether because of its great atmosphere, food that will leave you speechless and a unique location.

Pelegrini today is more than a restaurant. It evolved throughout the years and it built its own culinary philosophy. Quality of food and service is their top priority and they work with local distributors and community to make gastronomy even better.

They have started Chef's stage, international congress of gastronomy and an indicative for young culinary professionals called Be Foodie. Its menu is quite colorful and you can find all the pleasures of local cuisine with Chef Štefan's unique touch which will only add to your enjoyment! Only the best can be expected with Pelegrini.

Take a stroll down the narrow streets of Šibenik's old city and have lunch with a view of the Šibenik's most famous monument - the Cathedral of St. James!

2. Konoba Nostalgija

Another restaurant on our list is Konoba Nostalgija located in Šibenik city center. You reach it from Poljana square by strolling down the Robert Visiani park and going towards the church of St. Francis.

The stunning park is the perfect combination of culture and landscape built in 1895 and it is known to be loved both by the locals and their guests.

Konoba Nostalgija is proud to give its guests a true and authentic experience for Dalmatia with its menu and tiny decor. It is an intimate restaurant with friendly service and fantastic food.

The menu is well thought out and you will surely always make a great choice. Mediterranean food dominates the menu and guests can try different pasta dishes, delicious soups, meat specialties, salads, and the unavoidable fish, octopus, and seafood. There are some excellent deserts too!

Nostalgija restaurant will give you a taste of the Mediterranean the way it used to be! Book your stay somewhere in Šibenik center, check out villas in Šibenik.

3. Tomaseo

Tomaseo restaurant is located at the start of Šibenik promenade, which is always packed with people during the summer season in numerous coffee shops, bars and restaurants.

It is less crowded than the bigger cities like the City of Split or Zadar, so it gives you the opportunity to feel the local life of the city without getting frustrated with crowds.

Its superb location gives an excellent view of the city entry from the sea and the St. Anthony channel.

Tomaseo is truly a local restaurant which extends the tradition of local brunches famous among the workers in the city into new modern style gastronomy.

They get all the ingredients from local producers and farmers' markets in Šibenik, so their guests always get fresh and delicious food!

The wine selection is superb and it is locally based, so you get wine options characteristical for the Šibenik area. The deserts are very tasty and various pates are excellent too!

Homemade cheese also goes great with different meals, try the carpaccio as an appetizer or a salad to open up your appetite!

Tomaseo restaurant is definitely a restaurant worth checking out during your vacation and its traditional decor with a modern touch will make a lasting impression!

4. Konoba Vinko

Konoba Vinko is a must-visit family restaurant located in a small village Konjevrate near the City of Šibenik. Family Krnić runs this restaurant with lots of love and their service is excellent!

Konoba Vinko can accommodate up to 80 people inside the traditionally decorated stone home!

Their menu consists of gastronomical delights of the local cuisine and only the best ingredients from local farmers and producers, even those farther away from Šibenik.

Konoba Vinko is one of the highest-ranking restaurants on Trip advisor in Croatia. That counts for something too!

Konoba Vinko prouds itself with having excellent Debit wine which is always recommended with their food, so be sure to taste the old winemaking recipe of Debit wine sort!

5. Skala Skradin

Located in a small historical city of Skradin, Restaurant Skala will give you a premium taste of the Croatian south.

Here you can try the famous Skradin risotto which takes more than 10 hours to prepare, meat under peka, sea and river fish specialties, shellfish and other seafood and much more!

The menu really represents these parts of the Dalmatia region and combined with an excellent wine collection, everyone can enjoy their time in this beautiful restaurant.

Their terrace provides a great view of the Skradin marina and bridge which connects the Croatian south and north.

Skradin is loved by many Hollywood stars, tech celebrities, and musicians who visit the town every year. You can also host your private event in the restaurant Skala too!

Book your stay in villa near Šibenik and enjoy your vacation to the fullest! Find more hidden gems along the coast on your travels and make your trip truly memorable.

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