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City Of Drniš Croatia

City Of Drniš Croatia

Welcome to Drniš, the ancient Croatian city in the heart of Central Dalmatia, Croatia famous for its prosciutto and untouched nature. It is located near City of Šibenik and its unique location gives guests the opportunity to feel both the rural side as well as life near the sea. Visit Šibenik and its historical and cultural heritage or visit the source of Cetina River in the northwestern slopes of Dinara mountain.

City of Drnis

History and autochthon souvenirs

The city has a fascinating traditional Dalmatian rural aura which many of those who visit find appealing and admirable. While you are there you should't leave without the traditional autochthon souvenirs like the Susak of Drniš souvenir. Drniš susak is a traditional wooden jar made of the aromatic juniper wood and it is used for serving and drinking wine. Locals are not letting this interesting piece of history go into oblivion and show their guests that drinking from it is a true experience full of tradition.

Drnis gastronomy on vacation Croatia

Outdoor activities

Fun awaits in activates in Drniš, Croatia. Try cyclingalong the paths of Krka and Čikola river and test your endurance with mountain bike riding the paths on top of Promina mountain with its highest peak Čavnovka at 1147 meters above sea level. Visit all the viewpoints of the Krka National Park near Drniš. Visit the Old stone mill built during the Middle Ages and it was owned by Croatia noble families. See this interesting historic landmark and see the Croatian architecture of those times. Don't forget about the Čikola river zip line! Read more about it here.

Zipline Cikola

Dry stone walls and architecture

Traditional architecture like Bunja, a stone built shelter for use by farmers and shepherds in bad weather usually in circular shape with a dome, as well as Suhozidi- dry stone walls common for this part of Croatia and are protected by UNESCO.

Local gastronomy is something special. Drniš prosciutto, sheep milk cheese of Drniš, homemade bread, cabbage rolls and much more!

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