The Fortresses of Šibenik: Guardians of the city in service of culture

The Fortresses of Šibenik: Guardians of the city in service of culture

The Šibenik fortresses are a true monument to the city's rich and turbulent past and cultural heritage. Four fortresses surround the city with with their war years behind them they provide their guests a wonderful experience in the summer months with various events for any taste. Every year is a step forward, and 2019. brings new experience!

St. Michael fortress features a summer stage where concerts are held, as well as various live performances. Discover a new feeling in the hot Croatian summer and enjoy a concert above the Šibenik city lights in 2019! Magnificent acoustics and breathtaking view of the city below will leave you speechless. Listen to great music under the sky or maybe enjoy a sunset during the concert. Check out the St. Michael fortress Šibenik music program below and be sure to book your stay on time!

St. Michael fortress Šibenik Croatia

20.6. - Klapa Bonaca

Feel the Croatian music tradition with traditional klapa singing with Klapa Bonaca and guests. Don't miss their 40 year anniversary!

22.6. and 23.6. - Đorđe Balašević

Two-day concert, combination of theatre and music with beautiful love songs of Đorđe Balašević will leave you craving for more!

27.6. - Šibenik folk music

Listen to classics as well as modern music on yet another Šibenik folk music concert on St. Michael fortress

12.7. - 14.7. - Comedy fortress festival

The Comedy fortress festival on St. Michael fortress will gather some of the most famous names of world stand up scene.

19. 7. and 20.7. - Tony Cetinski

Popular Croatian singer with Tony Cetinski will hold a two-day concert on St. Michael fortress as one of his stops on tour.

24.7. - Jacob Collier

Two time Grammy award winner Jacob Collier will show the audience what an experience it is combining multiple musical personas into one.

28.7. - Zoran Predin & Damir Kukuruzović Django Group

Musician Zoran Pedin will show guests a gypsy swing style in performing famous songs sang by the late Arsen Dedić, a famous Šibenik singer and composer.

7.8. - Božo Vrećo

The artist who lives his art, a writer, fashion designer and simply Božo returns to the fortress to give it's guests a unique experience!

St. Michael fortress Šibenik Croatia summer concert

Another gem of the Šibenik fortification architecture is The Barone fortress! Barone fortress in Šibenik gives its guests a series of evening events called B side (Croatian: Strana B) in a romantic setting with creative jazz concerts, dances, classical music and other performances. Be ready to experience irresistible summer nights on Barone fortresses joined with the beautiful view and take home a unforgettable experience!

Barone fortress Šibenik Croatia

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Photos: Tvrđava kulture Šibenik and Myluxoria travel agency