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Most common fish in the Adriatic Sea

Most common fish in the Adriatic Sea

There are plenty of reasons why you should come and spend your holidays on the Adriatic coast, especially the Croatian part. It is immensely beautiful, with plenty of amazing islands, and it has so many amazingsightsthat go all the way back to the Roman Age. This is everything you could hope to experience if you want to visit the Mediterranean.

Additionally, the food is spectacularly good, and an important part of the diet around here is fish. If you're a fishing enthusiast, you'll be delighted to know that getting a license for that is very easy, plus there are plenty of species of fish you can hope to catch. Obviously, many of them will make for a great story when you want to boast in front of your friends.

To give you a sense of what you can expect to catch, here's a quick overview of the most common fish in the Adriatic.


Pretty much whole of Dalmatia is one great fishing spot and depending on where you go, you will be able to catch many different things. For example, octopuses abound near the island of Vis, and the area around Šibenik is the best place to visit if you're looking for some huge tuna whenfishing in Croatia.

There are many other very common species, though, and most of them are edible. In fact, many are a true delicacy you can find in many restaurants and konobas across the Dalmatian coast.

Common dentex is an excellent example of that as this species of fish is revered for its taste, and the fact that it can be acquired at a reasonable price also helps its popularity. Sea bream is another great example as the locals have nicknamed it “the queen of the sea” due to its delicious and juicy meat.

And if you manage to bag yourself an angler (i.e. monkfish), you can consider yourself to be quite lucky because this fish, despite its appearance, is incredibly tasty. It also doesn't have too many bones, so even children should be able to enjoy it.

Apart from these few, there are also plenty of sardines, European bass and St. Pierres. In any case, fishing in Dalmatia is bound to bring you loads of fun, no matter where you go.


The northern part of the Adriatic, i.e. the area around the Istrian Peninsula is slightly more shallow than its southern part. The bottom is also slightly different, so here you can more easily find some species of Croatian fish we haven't mentioned yet. Edible, of course.

Common sole is very much worth mentioning here because it can easily be found along Istria's western coast, and the two-banded sea bream is also very common. The latter is actually quite respected in the local gastronomy. The common pandora is another tasty specimen, and its lovely white meat is something to be savoured.

A more exotic catch may come in the form of a spotted catshark. While it certainly looks cool, this fish is not high on the list when it comes to popularity in these parts. You can eat it, sure, but the meat is not considered to be of very high quality. Still, netting a small shark feels pretty good.

Apart from those, mulletsare very common both in this area and all over Dalmatia, too. You will also find sea breams and the common dentex, just like in the southern parts of the country.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity to go fishing anywhere on the Croatian coast, do book a tour or rent a boat and take off. You will love the experience.

sea bream - istria

Poisonous and venomous fish in the Adriatic

Some caution is advised when fishing in the Adriatic, though, because there are some fish that can hurt you with their venom or even the fact that they are poisonous if not cooked properly. Mind you, this is not something that can kill you, but it can certainly spoil your vacation, so be careful.

Moray eels, for example, have a venomous bite, but won't attack humans unless seriously provoked. Their blood and the blood of congers is poisonous, but the poison is nullified once the fish is cooked properly. Both fish are actually quite delicious!

Much more common are fish with venomous stings such as greater weavers or black scorpionfish. Common eagle rays, on the other hand, are also venomous, but the bigger problem is the size of their sting, which can do quite a lot of damage. The venom itself is not that potent. The same goes for the roughtail stingray. You may also encounter electric rays, but the shock they produce is not that powerful to actually harm you.

But if you're going fishing, a bit of caution will be enough to prevent any problems. Accidents only happen when fishermen try to improperly handle one of Croatia's venomous fish.

poisonous and venomous fish in the adriatic - eel


As you can see, the Croatian coast is ideal for anyone who is interested in fishing, regardless if they're seasoned anglers or complete beginners. The waters here offer something for everyone, so go ahead and book a big game fishing tour or just rent yourself a boat and take off. Naturally, don't forget to get your license first, but you can do that in a blink of an eye.

And to make this vacation truly perfect, you will need proper accommodation. Fortunately,My Luxoriacan help you find a secluded villa in pretty much any part of the Croatian coast, especially if you're looking for something close to the best fishing places. After a day at sea, nothing beats coming back home to a luxury villa with a pool, preferably with big olive trees providing plenty of natural shade around it.

Go ahead and make your reservations now!

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