Tennis stars in Zadar: "Adria Tour" tennis tournament

Tennis stars in Zadar: "Adria Tour" tennis tournament

If your trip takes you to the southern parts of Croatia, the City of Zadar is a must see and visit with lots of history, breathtaking islands to enjoy and explore, National parks in the vicinity to enjoy and much much more!

The city of Zadar is known for its amazing culture and beautiful historical monuments, but there are various interesting events happening throughout the year that anyone can enjoy!

"Adria tour" tennis tournament will be held on the 20. and 21. of June of 2020. and it will host many of the famous tennis players and legends who really made this game very special.

Some of those include Dominic Thiem, Marin Čilić, Borna Čorić Goran Ivanićević, Grigor Dimitrov and others!

Adria Tour tournament in Zadar will be organized on the initiative of Novak Đoković with the help of Croatian Tennis Association, currently the best tennis player in the world and no. 1 on the list who really delivered with its colleagues with so many stars playing for their fans, tourists and locals and it is really a great start of the tourist season in Zadar and this part of Croatia!

Novak Đoković is known for promoting positive values, fair-play and the sport itself just like his colleagues, so you can expect an amazing experience when watching, especially if you are a tennis lover!

The legend of the Croatian tennis Goran Ivanišević will be the director of the tournament and it will be his first experience in this role and if you are familiar with his style and temperament you know what fun can it be to enjoy a tennis match!

The tournament will be played on a court for 9000 spectators, which is a number that will show Zadar to the world with all of its beauty and long tradition of sport in the city.

Zadar is not only tied to basketball, and it can be called a tennis city too as it had organized Davis Cup meetings before.

All the profit made from the tournament will be given to charity, mainly those that work with children and their education, so be sure keep in mind a visit if you are planning to spend your vacation in Zadar.

Be part of this amazing event and tennis spectacle and book your accommodation on time! Check out villas in Zadar annd vacation in style!

Photos: ZADAR Riva by Velid Jakupović, Unsplash