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Adventura Šibenik: Fun and winter ambient spirit in Christmastime

Adventura Šibenik: Fun and winter ambient spirit in Christmastime

The city of Šibenik has lots to offer its guests during the summer season, but the city has more to offer throughout the year too, especially in Christmastime. See some lovely Christmas decorationsand taste local delicates and mulled wine which will blow you away!

Adventura is an event that starts on the 7th of Decemberand lasts throughout the month until January 1st. This year, 2019, two more locations have been addedto give the visitors more ofŠibenik's Christmas cheer.

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The most famous location that is included in this amazing event from the beginning is the Park of Robert Visiani, which spreads from the Riva, the city's famous promenade, and the statue of a Croatian king Petar Krešimir the IV, to the Poljana squarethat is the city center.

The other two locations include the Medulić square in the old part of the city. Medulić is very charming with its location among the narrow stone streets and buildings as well as many hotels that blend into the city's stone motifs. Another location is the Small Loggia located on the square in front of the famous Cathedral of St. James, a stunning monument protected by the UNSECO.

Locations of adventura Sibenik

Interesting facts

Adventura slogan, "Nema zime" roughly translated as "No Winter" gives an idea of thehigh temperatures and calm weather traditionally around Christmas, so don't worry that you will bee too cold to enjoy those tasty sausages and wine! Be sure totry the tasty Luganiga, special sausageonly found in Šibenik whoserecipe is kept hidden for generations!

Adventura is thefirst plastic-free Christmas-themed event in Croatiathat will rise your sense of the environment andbring you closer to nature. The very center of the park, a game is set called "Earth, don't be angry" which is intended to increase our care for the environment. Everyone can play, just take your glasses and roll the dice. The rest is history!

Šibenik locals love their untouched nature and always look for new opportunities to keep their beautiful green surroundings safeand protected. Did you know that the island of Zlarin near Šibenik city is a plastic-free island?

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The eventprogram in Robert Visiani park starts on December 7th and on Small Loggia near the cathedral on December the 13th. On Medulić square you will be able to find some of the handmade traditional Šibenik items used throughout the history of 25th and 26th of December.

Medulić was one of the most famous markets in Šibenik city during Italian rule and other parts of history. Check it pout and see the way people shopped in the past!

Events in the park will include many weekend concerts of the local music scene and more, so don't miss out! If you are traveling with children, the perfect opportunity awaits as the Sunday morning of December 22ndwith Kišni razigranci groupcoming to the Robert Visiani Park.

The characters of children's songs authored by Damir Martinović Mrle i Ivanka Mazurkijević will come to life and enjoy the sunny day with your family! Children also have many workshops to enjoy with the Adventurica program taking part every day of December for the little ones, so you can't miss it!

Check out which villas are available for rent in Šibenik, book your stay in time and enjoy the amazing Adventura experience!

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