Traditional gastronomy in Šibenik area: Amazing experience worth the trip

Traditional gastronomy in Šibenik area: Amazing experience worth the trip

Here are some of our picks of the traditional gastronomy locations perfect for trying the local cuisine and ambient.

1. Duvančić family agrotourism experience will give you an excellent view of the Dalmatian tradition with the autochtone decor that spreads throughout the property. The estate spreads over 12 acres, and there you can find a winery, stunning vineyards that give 7 different types of wine. The restaurant can take up around 6o guests and will give you a relaxing feel with its decor. All food is traditionally made and it is fresh, so brace yourself for a true gastronomical delight!

If you are traveling with your family, the children will surely find domestic animals, like a donkey, sheep, goats, and chickens interesting, as well as a playground made just for them so the parents can relax without worry. The vast estate also has a tennis court, boules or bowling court and if you enjoy being active during your vacation there is a cycling and hiking trail more than 6 kilometers long.

The estate is located in a small village of Oklaj near the city of Drniš and the City of šibenik which all take a short drive to get too so you won't be taking a lot of time from your vacation if you plan a trip. It is an excellent day-trip idea!

2. Rupić estate is a charming family estate dedicated to giving their guests a peaceful experience of the dalmatian village life. It is a place where you can enjoy traditional food, play boules as the old and wise locals did in the past, take a walk to the mountains home or drive a bicycle down the relaxing countryside. The Rupić family gives everyone the perfect experience of rural Dalmatia.

The estate includes a restaurant, children's playground, and an olive grove so you can relax in the shade of an olive tree. You can also see a vineyard with the highest quality grapes and a garden with Mediterranean flora, Its location is perfect if you are in Šibenik area, it is only 12 kilometers away from the city center and only 6 kilometers from the National park Krka.

Rupić household is perfect for events, so be sure to arrange everything on time! Check out villas close to Rupić estate.

3. Kalpić Agrotourism estate is located close to the City of Šibenik and the National park Krka in a small village of Radonić. It will give you an amazing experience during your stay in Šibenik surroundings. It is a small idyllic estate with owners dedicated to their guests. Kalpić family will give you a family atmosphere with their pets: Čupa and Stela will greet new faces with joy and give them a sniff!

The favorite meal served here is the famous peka that will keep you looking for more! There are also meat specialties and much much more! Peka is irreplaceable food in these estates, so you will find it here too! Homemade wine is here too along with other homemade produce and the surroundings are filled with Mediterranean flora. A true relaxation sanctuary!

4. Dalmati estate

Your visit zo the Etnoland Dalmati estate begins with an amazing walk of nature and a traditional welcoming ceremony of welcoming you to the village. This ceremony has been performed many times throughout the history of the Dalmatian countryside. While waiting for your meal, check out the tools people used, stone houses where they lived, hear the story of the history and culture of the past and much more!

Visit to Etnoland Dalmati is possible throughout the year, tailor-made for different groups; school groups, and others! Enjoy the magnificent food at the estate, taste the local wine, amazing prosciutto and food prepared under peka, of course! Book your visit on time!

5. Roca family estate is another charming family estate located near the cities of Šibenik and Vodice. Roca estate follows an old Dalmatian tradition of guests having the best special treatment, with the best wine and gastronomical delights that will wake up your senses. The small village Velim where the estate is located only 12 kilometers from Vodice, sou your time spent in the Dalmatian countryside will not affect your all well known having fun at the beach in the famous tourist hotspots of southern Croatia.

Guests and the Roca estate can buy homemade products they tasted at a reduced cost and all of the products are made in this eco-friendly environment. Check out the ethnographic museum which shows the Dalmatian life throughout the past. Be sure to try the Dalmatian prosciutto!

Enjoy tasty food in an olive grove with 220 seating places as well as 100 places inside air-conditioned space. Enjoy a wonderful Dalmatian experience with Roca! Read more about it here.

Does traditional Dalmatian gastronomy sound interesting? Give it a try and check out our villas in Dalmatian countryside.

Photos: Dunavčić family estate, Rupić estate, Dalmati estate, Roca estate, MyLuxoria