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Roca Estate: History and gastronomy away from the city rush

Roca Estate: History and gastronomy away from the city rush

Welcome to the Roca family estate, a place near the historical city of Šibenik and Vodice city, a famous tourist hotspot, where visitors have a special status.

Guests in Dalmatia have always had a special treatment, they're given the best food and wine in the taverns, the warmth of a traditional dalmatian home and welcomed as a true member of the family.

The Roca Estate is located in a small town of Velim, only 15 kilometers away from Šibenik and 12 kilometers from Vodice city.

The estate is famous as a one-day excursion destination perfect for a relaxing walk and a tour of the untouched nature and surrounding area.

Guests can buy homemade products produced in an eco-friendly environment at a reduced cost and try the best of gastronomical delicacies the estate has to offer.

Roca kitchen will satisfy any taste with specialties like homemade bread, barbecue and it doesn't matter if you enjoy the meat of fish meals, everything is amazing!

Dalmatian prosciutto is famous for its high quality. The production of prosciutto at Roca estate starts with breeding dalmatian pigs the way they are bred for centuries.

Types of pig breed that give the best quality meat are Yorkshire, Duroc, and Landras, all used at the Roca estate.

Parts of the Roca estate have been converted to an ethnographic museum which shows the traditional way of life in Dalmatia in the past. During your visit, you must see the amazing vineyard, where autochthone wine sorts are produced. Don't forget the fig and olive groves either!

After you try out all the delicacies of Roca estate near Vodice and Šibenik cities, you can buy all the products in their shop, ranging from prosciutto and baconto homemade bread!

Do you have a special event you would like to celebrate with your friends and family? Here you can celebrate weddings, birthday parties, communions or any other event you can think of!

There are 230 seating spots in the olive grove, Roca estate square is available too just like the air-conditioned dalmatian konoba(tavern) with 110 seating spots, comfortable in all seasons!

Traditional Dalmatian music can be organized, thefamous klapamusic groups, or dalmatian folklore societies which will give that special ambient to your celebration. Your music ideas are accepted too, don't worry!

In everything they do, Roca estate shows thetrue nature and tradition and culture of Dalmatia, through the architecture, trees, flowers, food menus and ambient details which will surely amaze any visitor!

Their own production of products an important part of that too! Start your journey today! Rent villa near Šibenik or book villa in Vodiceon time!

Photos: Gospodarstvo Roca - Roca estate

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