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Homemade bread: Taste the tradition with specially made bread under "peka"

Homemade bread: Taste the tradition with specially made bread under "peka"

The charming Croatian south has another interesting thing any guest should know about: theculinary delight of homemade bread made with special technique called "under peka" baking. Peka is probably the oldest way of food preparation in the Adriatic area. It is all about the steel bell covered with hot coals while the food is prepared under it.

According to some archeological researches, the remains of peka had been in the layers of the Bronze Age. In those times the peka was made from clay. Peka cooking style is truly a signature culinary style of the Dalmatia region in Croatia, but it can be found in other parts of the country like Istria.

Homemade bread

Homemade bread

This homemade bread is well appreciated among locals and their guests as it is prepared with lots of love, care, and patience. Many restaurants in Croatia respect the tradition of preparedhomemade bread and love to provide it to their guests on their daily menu.

Bread under peka is traditionally being prepared for centuries. It is awell known and loved delicates deeply embedded in the history of the Croatian people, especially the Dalmatian countryside, commonly known as Zagora.

Peka in Dalmatia

Regardless of new culinary trends and techniques, Dalmatian locals stayed loyal to fire. Cooking on an open flame gives a wonderful smokey taste to the food and increases the charm of local cuisine. It is irreplaceable addition to delicious meals, regardless it being fish or meat!

It takes a lot of experience to prepare this homemade bread. The only ingredients are flour, yeast, salt, and water and all are added by "eyeballing"!No measurements are taken beforehand. Now that takes courage!

Tradition speciallity

Pair it with lamb and veal meat also prepared under peka and have a truly traditional feastof the country! Check out our villas in countryside Croatia and vacation in style. Be sure to ask your villa owners where you can find the greatest peka around!

Foto: Etnoland Dalmati, MyLuxoria

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