Island of corals or island of sponges

Island of corals or island of sponges

Everyone likes to bring a souvenir from their holiday to remind us of a place, culture or people we met. If your accommodation is a villa in Šibenik, Croatia, be sure to visit island Zlarin and island Krapanj in Šibenik archipelago and bring home unique souvenirs : coral jewelry or sea sponge.

Coral of the heavens - it looks like a plant, mineral by composition and actually an animal! It is the cultural heritage of Zlarin island near Sibenik city, where locals have been working with corals since the 14th century. This coral symbolizes love, loyalty and commitment as well as humility. On the Zlarin island it is believed that tis coral has magical powers and that it protects from disease, pregnant women and unborn children. This knowledge brought on next generations, but it is  not written anywhere that this red coral of the heavens has been found on 200 meters depth.

Today on the Zlarin island there are 2 workshops where guests can see the traditional handmade way of processing corals. Visiting island of Zlarin and not visiting these interesting shops and workshops would be a shame.

Only 300 meters away from the land, Krapanj island is the lowest and least populated island on the Adriatic. Island of Krapanj near Šibenik is the perfect choice for those who want peace and natural beaches, especially because all cars are banned and the island is dominated by small stone houses and tight streets characteristic for south Croatia.

Island of Krapanj is famous throughout history and it is famous for extracting and processing sea sponges and tradition has continued to this day. These sponges can be used for homes, skin care and other.

If you are worried for transportation, boat that goes to island of Krapanj and Zlarin island is very often. Be sure to check out our offer of villas for rent near Šibenik, villas for rent near Rogoznica and Primošten, all of which are close to this interesting attractions. If you book villa in these areas, be sure to take an excursion to Krapanj island or excursion to Zlarin island, fun trips you will surely not regret! Don´t forget to get a piece of coral jewelry or a sea sponge on your day trip!