Asparagus season: Gastronomical delight and relaxation for body and soul

Asparagus season: Gastronomical delight and relaxation for body and soul

With spring comes sunny weather and wild asparagus picking season. Asparagus is one of the oldest wild flora in the Mediterranean. It is famous as a gastronomical delight for more than 2000 years.

The Vegetable of Kings, as asparagus is sometimes referred to, got the nickname in Ancient Rome when servants went picking asparagus for their kings as a sign of respect. Today, asparagus is famous as one of the healthiest produce and a true culinary delicatessens of Croatia south, Dalmatia region.

asparagus Croatia picking season

Asparagus is a plant that can reach height of 1 meter with a branched and smooth stem. It is part of the lilly family which is mostly wild and grows on its own but its cultivation can be controlled so in many countries it is used in gastronomy, just like in Croatia. It's season is in the summer months, and it can be found almost anywhere in nature, from stoney countryside of Central Dalmatia to the seaside woods and forests which makes it perfect to spend a day walking in peaceful nature and relax in fresh air of Dalmatia!

If you rent villa in countryside Croatia, get ready for adventure of picking asparagus or get them at the local farmer's market in Šibenik, market in Zadar, Split or Dubrovnik. But be careful, in some areas you have to pay for picking license, and also beware of the snakes!

Enjoy this anti-stress therapy and experience a healthy gastronomical delight of Croatia to the fullest!