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Cheese tasting on Pag island: Gligora Diary

Cheese tasting on Pag island: Gligora Diary

The island of Pag, the pearl of North Dalmatia waters, is the fifth largest island of Croatia and island in Croatia with the longest coastline. It is the home of the famous Croatian products: Pag lace and Pag sheep cheese.

Cheese production on the island began around 800 BC along with sheep breeding by the Liburnian tribe in Croatia. Kolana, a Liburnian fortress on the island is one of the most preserved stone military strongholds in Croatia. First written mention of Pag cheese dates from 1774. by writer Alberto Fortis, and up until the 20th century local people lived inside stone homes where the cheese and milk was produced.

Pag gastronomy Croatia, ZadarMain parts of Pag pastures are located on hills and they can be recognized by stone walls: suhozidi. Sheep feed of the characteristic flora which is affected by salty air, Croatian Bura wind as well as rainy days that with salty air bring unique food to the animals. These beautiful plants really spice up the stone environment of the island. The Gligora diary on Pag Croatia is connected with the path of Gligora family which started in 1918. and have been producing Pag cheese for 4 generations. In 2002. Mr. Ivan Gligora wins their first award, and Gligora brand becomes synonym for best Croatian cheese as many other rewards come along.

While you are on your vacation in Croatia and Pag island near Zadar, be sure to visit Gligora chesse tasting room with a beautiful view of the north side of the island. Try many delicacies with the best Croatian wine choice. There is an option of a trip to Gligora diary in groups which last for around hour and a half. The visit includes stories about Pag island, tour of the production area 6 meters below ground, visiting the tasting room as well as Cheese & Deli Gligora shop. Are you ready? Check out our villas for rent in Zadar or visit Gligora diary website!

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