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Dalmatian cuisine - top 10 Dalmatian dishes

Dalmatian cuisine - top 10 Dalmatian dishes

Mediterranean cuisine represents a combination of tradition and modern mentality. It is distinguished by simplicity and diversity and the result are healthy and extremely tasty dishes.

Dalmatian food prepared with pure olive oil, fresh fish and a drop of Dalmatian wine and it is best showcase of the temperament and Dalmatian way of life. Every traditional Dalmatian woman in the kitchen always has at least one bottle of olive oil, because fish and salads are never eaten without olive oil.

Mediterranean cuisine

Besides fish, Dalmatians enjoy meat too. Herbs used the most are laurel, sage and rosemary. After all, there is Dalmatian prosciutto without which it is difficult to find any party at the Dalmatian coastline. The dishes of Dalmatian cuisine are unmistakable blend of past and modern times. Simpleand easy-to-use ingredients combine masterly into healthy, saturated and deliciously delicious dishes.

Almost all Dalmatian restaurants offer meals that are part of tradition of the seaside and food which is worth a try. In our top ranking we list dishes that every guest has to taste if they visit Dalmatia.

1. Black risotto

The name was given by the cuttlefish ink which dyes the rice in dark black color. It has an intense taste and represents a real gourmet pleasure that will delight fish specialties lovers. In Dalmatia, it is often prepared during post, when traditional recipesfor fish and seafood are cooked according to the Christian tradition and meat is not eaten.

2. Prosciutto

Certainly one of Croatia's trademarks, especially Dalmatia, is a pork meat that is drenched on Dalmatian wind bura. It is the most famous Dalmatian product that calls you to eat it in everyday, but also on festive occasions as an inevitableingredient. If you are looking for an authentic Croatian experience, through the gastronomical offer you can best know the customs and the rich tradition of the locals.

One of the most famous prosciuttos is Drniš prosciutto and every year you can visit the International Prosciutto Festival.

Dalmatian cheese

3. Peka

Peka is a traditional method of making meals, mostly octopus and lamb, under a metal dome covered with fire. Along with the meat, potatoes and vegetables are added to the meat to give it that special taste.

Octopus and lamb - Peka

4. Oysters

They are served immediately after being taken out of the sea and spiced with lemon juice and are popular among locals and tourists. Oysters are one of the most mysterious and famous world delicacies. The oyster soup is a true queen of soups, refreshing and delicious, and grilled oysters are tasty too just like stuffed with cheese, rice and pasta.


What is the secret of oysters, which claims to be the best in the world and which, a hundred years ago, made its way to the tables of European largest cities? The most important is, experts say, the breeding, clear sea and lots of fresh water, and because of the specific sea currents, the Malostonian Bay is ideal for them.

5. Pag cheese

With its unrivaled quality, Pag cheese has beaten all world competition. It is the gastronomical wonder of the island of Pag that is produced exclusively from goat's milk and all goats are bred on the island. There are two varieties: young Pagcheese- maturing shorter and lighter flavors and brighter colors, and oldPagcheesethat is smoother, harder and darker.

For the specific and recognizable salinity and the aroma of this cheese, there are uniqueconditionson the island of Pag which take the credit.

6. Fish on gradele (barbecued fish)

In all the tavernsalong the Dalmatian coast an inevitable part of the offer is freshly caught fish. And everyone will recommend - the most delicious fish is one that is grilled the Dalmatian way. Of course, with olive oil, parsley and garlic. Homemade wine is also a must!

Fish on gradele (barbecued fish)

7. Soparnik

The first Croatian dishthat enjoys the status of culturalheritage. The recipe from the Dalmatian hinterland has not changed since the Turks' rule! Today it carries a special label of protected geographical origin so that the original soparnik is considered the only one made with the given recipe and with the ingredients produced in the Poljicaarea. Although it was once a dessert dish, today it is considered a true treat.

8. Pašticada

Although the coastal region is famous for fish dishes, Dalmatians can prepare excellent meat meals. Pašticada often deemed as the queenof all meals. Marinated beef is filled with carrots and bacon, sprinkled with wine and then cooked for at least a quarter of a day.

This famous Dalmatian specialty is sometimes prepared even for three days and it is reserved for specialoccasions. Pašticada is by far the most famous and most traditional dish that is associated with Dalmatia. Interestingly, not only does each city have its own version or method of preparation, but the recipes differ from household to household.

9. Buzara

A way of preparing seafood - shrimps, mussels and others can be prepared on "buzara". It is distinguished by the simplicity of preparation that preserves the fullness of taste. The basic idea is to combine garlic and seafood with homemade olive oil, all seasoned with good white wine, lightly spice and leave it on a short brew until it tastes magnificent.

Buzara - shrimps

10. Brudet

Brudet is a meal made from sea fish. It is most often prepared from horseradish, cuttlefish, shrimp, oysters, squid, mussels, and the best by far is brudet made of mixed fish. Brudet has always been a true sailor's, a fisherman's and field worker's food.

People would work on the sea or around the field, put it in the boil, and in half an hour it would be ready. Various herbs and grass would be added when this meal is prepared on the islands. Today it is a gourmet experience everyoneshould try!

If your journey leads to Dalmatia in the south of Croatia, be sure to vacation in style and try out some of traditional flavors of the seaside!

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