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International Prosciutto Festival: King of Dalmatian gastronomy celebrated again in Drniš Croatia

International Prosciutto Festival: King of Dalmatian gastronomy celebrated again in Drniš Croatia

Welcome to the city of Drniš, a small town in the south of Croatia and a magnificent representative of life in inland Croatia.

Every year, International Prosciutto Festival is organized in the town center its goal is the promotion of prosciutto, the famous local product.

The rich and addictive tasty flavor of Drniš prosciutto will keep any guest coming back for more! The unmistakeable traditional scent and taste of the prosciutto produced with a centuries-long recipe will tease the senses of tourists and guests just like the producers themselves.

This is your opportunity to replace the rush of the coastal town and beaches with peaceful authentic ambient of the Dalmatian countryside and inner parts of Dalmatia region.

You could take an entire day of inland enjoyment, during the day you can visit the magnificent National Park Krka and its parts near Drniš, like Roški slap and Visovac island.

In the evening after a long day of enjoying the natural beauties, go to Drniš city center and find out why the Drniš prosciutto is called The King of Dalmatian gastronomy.

2019 edition of the festival, the 6th in a row, will be held on 23. and 24. of August. Guests will have the option of tasting and buying directly from the producers only the best quality and high-rated delicacies famous all over the Croatian region.

Visitors can also try other products of the local production, like sheep and goat cheeses, meat products, wine and homemade bread under "peka".

For the complete gastronomical delight, meals will be made from the highest quality groceries from the seaside and the inland parts of Dalmatia.

That's not all, as klapa singing will also be a great part of the festival and other cultural association groups will also attend to give their guests a true feel of the rich heritage of this southern Croatian region.

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Foto: Drniš Tourist Board

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