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Makarska - Tourist hotspot in the southern Dalmatia worth the visit

Makarska - Tourist hotspot in the southern Dalmatia worth the visit

Makarska city is a beautiful small coastal city in the southern part of the Dalmatia region in Croatia. It is located under the beautiful mountain of Biokovo and its location gave it a lot of historical importance that partly spreads today as the city is still an important part of regional politics.

Makarska city

How Makarska get the name?

TheCity of Makarska got its name from a small village called Makarwhos name has many theories. The first inhabitants here were the Iliryans and they founded a small town of Muccurumin the 4th century, and its first mention in history was in the 16th century by the Turks.

There were many rulers after those times so you will really feel the rich historical and cultural heritageduring your visit to the city! History lovers will really enjoy the vacation in Makarska!

City of Makarska

Beauties of Makarska

Makarska today is afamous tourist destination with many amenities for tourists, accommodation of all ranges, villas, amazing gastronomycharacteristically of the Makarska region as well as Dalmatia. You can also find lots of sporting, musical and other entertainment events for anyone, especially in the summer season.

One of the things to do during your vacation in Makarska city is definitely visiting the Biokovo mountain and the Nature park of the same name. There is a lookout point on the mountain Biokovo that you must visit! The skywalk is made of glass and you can walk on it.

You will truly relax with the clean air and an active vacation, there are many hiking trails, that can be used for cyclingtoo, which will save you the amazing Mediterranean wildlife andMediterranean flora and it is the perfect option for unwindingand forgetting your troubles.

Makarska town


Makarska is close to theBrač islandand you can get to it viaferry boat which is an attraction on its own and there are many otherday-trip rides from Makarskayou can take to many islands and coastal towns you can enjoy.

If you are relaxing on the Croatian seaside, you can't miss the relaxing tanning on a sandy beach! The Makarska city has a2-kilometer long beachthat is very famous and nicely decorated.

Beach near Makarska

The city beach can get a bit crowded in the summer season so you might want to go ahead and explore a bit to find a secluded, smaller or even adog-friendly beachwhere you can be yourself and completely enjoy the sunshine of Makarska riviera.

Try checking out the Tučepibeachor those in Zaostrogor Promajna beach as those are some of the known.

Makarska riviera

What to see in Makarska?

Makarska city has many interesting architectural sights you can visit and many churchesfor those who enjoy sacral architecture.

The city has along promenade which is truly a beating heart of the city, and thecity itself is a part of 60 km long Makarska Riviera which includes the surrounding area of the city.

If you are a gourmetand you enjoy the food and gastronomy of other countries, you will find joy in Makarska city.

Some of the restaurants you can visit and that are some of the more known on the Riviera are Freyja restaurant, Briškula, Peskera and Domina, but there are many more you will find while talking to locals. Ask around and you will get some great information! Maybe catch a sunset during your meal!

A famous interesting Croatian in history, friar Andrija Kašić Miošič, was born in Makarska in 1704. He was a great humanitarian and a big benefactorin Christian charities as well as a writer who wrote books and poems and wanted to spread knowledge as much as he could. How is that for a fun fact!

The city comes alive at night with fun nightlife, so it is not just a destination for families and children!

Check out our villas in Makarska, afamous destinationknown to tourists for ages and have an amazing vacation with unforgettable memories.

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