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3 Beautiful Wine Roads in Croatia

3 Beautiful Wine Roads in Croatia

Following a wine road through Croatia’s beautiful natural surroundings should be on your bucket list! It is truly a unique experience, and Croatian wine is extraordinary.

In today’s blog, find the top 3 most beautiful wine roads in Dalmatia and Istria, and find inspiration for your next vacation.

Istrian wine road

Istria is a very popular destination in Croatia, especially for wine lovers, as there are many wine roads leading you to great wineries. 

Depending on the part of the Istrian peninsula you are going to visit, you can choose the wine roads. Some of the most famous are the wine roads of Pazinština, Labinština, Buzeština, and Vodnjanština.

You can find a list of all the wine roads in Istria on the Official Istria website

Not only does it have some of the finest wines in Croatia, but Istria is also a must-visit because of many things. The historical heritage is truly remarkable, some of which is the world-famous Amphitheatre in Pula.

You can also enjoy many sports activities, so it’s a perfect destination for adrenaline junkies. The gastronomic offer there is extraordinary and will surely enhance your palate, especially when it’s topped off with some high-quality Istrian wine.Istrian wine road

Pelješac wine road

Pelješac is a peninsula located in Dubrovnik-Neretva County and is the second-largest peninsula in Croatia. It is also one of the most fruitful regions when speaking about wine.

Vineyards are spread out throughout the entire peninsula, so wherever you wander, you will surely come across a wine road. On Pelješac, you can also visit the beautiful city of Ston, famous for having the second-largest wall settlement in the world, and also you can enjoy some of the best oysters there.

The most popular wine cellar on Pelješac is the Matuško wine cellar, where you can enjoy the magic of winemaking. It is the largest and most famous destination for winemakers and wine lovers from all around the world.

Some other wineries worth visiting are the Marlais winery, Miloš winery, and Grgić winery, but Pelješac has more hidden wine gems, so make sure to do your research before your trip.

You can visit this beautiful place easily from Dubrovnik, which is another world-famous location and one of our most popular choices for renting a luxury villa.Pelješac wine road

Hvar wine road

Hvar is one of many Croatian islands, rich in UNESCO heritage, but also has some of the most excellent wines. It has a long 2400-year story of wine-making, all the way from the ancient Greeks. And also, it is one of the sunniest places in the entire Europe!

There you can visit the vineyards of the Pakleni islands, where you will travel back to the time of the Romans. On the island of Hvar, there is also the oldest vineyard of Plavac Mali in the world.

Two more places on Hvar that you should definitely visit are Vrboska and Vrbanj. Except for the wine roads, you can enjoy an off-road safari, many adrenaline activities, and crystal clear, turquoise water.

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