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One day in Rovinj

One day in Rovinj

Have you ever wanted someone to give you a guide with the most important information for a one-day tour of Rovinj? Too much-scattered information and too many texts from different websites, each of which brings something new, looks like a word maze. This charming town is on the list of many travelers, yet unlike Dalmatia and Dubrovnik, Rovinj nevertheless resists crowded streets and beaches. Here you can still feel the spirit of calm streets where the historical scene is combined with the charm of the Venetian expression, and every part of the city tells its own story.

Partly Italian and partly Croatian in character, Rovinj is often called the little Italy in Croatia. That name certainly owes to the colorful buildings of the old center, which irresistibly resembles the Italian Burano and perfectly reflects Italian culture. Stunning architecture, vibrant atmosphere of shops, bars, and restaurants, and the enthusiasm of every visitor are the main parts of the imposing image of Rovinj, so apart from crossing the main points to the list, simply surrender to the magic of the city.

Where is Rovinj located?

Rovinj is a town on the west coast of Istria, the largest Croatian peninsula, and is located between the town of Poreč and the fascinating Pula. It is only a 50-minute drive from the Slovenian border, and the aforementioned Venice is only a 3-hour beautiful boat ride away.

How to get to Rovinj?

The way to Rovinj is simplified with multiple transfer options. The simplest and fastest way to get to Rovinj is by plane to Pula airport. Pula International Airport is about 40 kilometers from Rovinj, and the drive takes just over half an hour. When you arrive at the airport, you can take a shuttle bus to Rovinj that leaves 30 minutes after the plane lands. The price of the ticket is €25 and can be paid in cash or by card. In addition to bus transportation, you can rent a car at one of the rent-a-car companies or take a taxi to the city itself.

The only drawback is that flights are only available in season.

Although flying is one of the most efficient transfers, traveling by car is no more demanding. Rovinj is well connected to Zagreb, and the highway drive takes only three hours. In addition, it is a great advantage that you can easily reach other cities of Istria from here.

The scenic streets where people and tourists gather, as well as the panoramic view of the city mixed with spectacular sunsets and the splendor of the archipelago, evoke romantic sensations.

When to visit Rovinj?

Although worth visiting at any time of the year, Rovinj is somehow most special in the summer. The unique charm of the picturesque streets where locals and tourists meet, and the panoramic view of the city paired with epic sunsets and the beauty of the archipelago awaken romantic feelings. This is a daily guide that will provide you with this experience.

How to spend a day in Rovinj?

Explore the old town

The story of the old city center has no end. Located on a peninsula and surrounded by the sea, it reveals the magical experience of Rovinj. Paved winding stone streets burst with the artistic energy of art galleries, small inspiring souvenir shops, and ambient coffee shops. The main center of the old town is the distinctive Grisia. In the summer, this picturesque street turns into an outdoor exhibition where both professionals and amateurs can show their works. It always takes place on the second Sunday in August, and registration is free. The exhibition lasts only one day, but visitors come to Grisia all season long.

Church of St. Euphemia

Walking through Grisia, you will reach "Saint Fuma", i.e. the church of St. Euphemia. Church of St. Euphemia is the largest and most famous monument in Rovinj, and its baroque expression and Venetian flair create an imposing image that captures attention. An even more unreal scene can be seen from the top of the 67-meter-high bell tower. On the bell tower, there is also a sculpture of St. Euphemia, which is also the largest statute in Croatia. The special feature of this bell tower is that during a gust of wind, the statue turns and shows the direction of the wind, which is especially important to sailors and fishermen, announcing bad weather. The view from the bell tower on the Rovinj archipelago, which consists of roughly 20 islands, islets, and rocks, as well as the city of Rovinj itself, is more than spectacular. During beautiful and clear days, this view reaches even to the incredible Alps. If you want to enjoy these attractions, you have to pay the entrance fee. Trust me, it's worth it.

Lone Bay

A sunny afternoon is perfect for going to the beach. Lone Bay Beach is the most visited beach in Rovinj and is considered Rovinj's city bathing area, and the fact that it is only a 15-minute walk from the center contributes to this. The beach can only be reached by walking or by bicycle. The beaches in Lone Bay are pebbly, have shade, and are ideal for a family vacation. Enthusiasts of marine activities can rent surfboards, paddle boats, and sandolins, or have a try at some other water sports here. The Zlatni Rt park provides shade to the beach and also contributes to this bay's special image.

Zlatni Rt

The Zlatni Rt forest park is a place you should not miss when you come to Rovinj. Zlatni Rt is also known by the name Punta Corrente, to which the story of Count Johann Georg Hütterott is connected. Count Johann started reforesting and arranging the park in the 19th century, and the park was declared a natural rarity in 1948. There are numerous plant species in the park, and cypresses, pines, and laurels prevail. A special attraction is the six-pointed star made of Himalayan cedars. In addition, the park is an ideal location for all recreationists who can walk, exercise, or cycle here.

Whether you are a romantic or simply happen to be in Rovinj, you will surely fall in love with the beautiful sunset that makes Rovinj unique. Enjoying magical colors is a real experience at any time of the year. If you are wondering from which place the view is the most beautiful, no matter which location you choose, you will not go wrong. However, we recommend the coastal rocks in the old town.

In addition to enjoying the natural beauty and historical sights, we must not forget the gastronomic pleasure of Rovinj. At the end of the day, sit down in one of the many restaurants with a rich gastronomic offer. The promenade along the Riva offers several good locations such as the restaurant's San Tomasso Gourmet and Wine, Sidro, Marina, Giannino, or Snack Bar Rio. You will find the best pizza at Da Sergio, and you can taste premium flavors at the Monte restaurant, which also has a prestigious Michelin star.

If you want to stay longer in Rovinj, the surroundings and the whole of Istria with our beautiful villas will make your stay unforgettable.

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