Tavern Vidrovača Šibenik - Dalmatian gastronomy for boaters

Tavern Vidrovača Šibenik - Dalmatian gastronomy for boaters

Welcome to Tavern Vidrovača located in small town of Bilice Croatia near the historical city of Šibenik. The magnificent picturesque City of Skradin is also close by. Lovely Tavern Vidrovača can only be accessed by boat and it is the perfect spot to visit for boaters and yachting lovers! The boat mooring is excellently organized by the owners. Tavern offers a wide variety of traditional food and drink, especially fish and shellfish from the Šibenik and Skradin archipelago, so the food is always fresh and tasty!

Vidrovača boating and yachting restaurant Croatia

For those who enjoy meat a bit more, Tavern Vidorvača offers a variety of meat specialities! A good meal is often accompanied with a glass of good wine or even champagne and cocktails! Guests can make their choice from a selection of local and international wines, like the famous Babić sort autochthon for this part of Croatia! Check out Tavern Vidrovača wine cellar and indulge yourself in a special experience!

Vidrovača Skradin Croatia restaurant

If you are worried about boat mooring, there is a 50 meter berth in front of the restaurant which has 25 free mooring spots for guests. It is also possible to arrange a taxi boat for a visit from the city of Skradin!

How does Vidrovača restaurant Skradin sound? Check out our villas near Šibenik or rent a villa in Central Dalmatia and be sure to visit Tavern Vidrovača during your stylish stay!