The Royal Vineyards: Top quality Croatian wine and unique holiday experience on the Adriatic

The Royal Vineyards: Top quality Croatian wine and unique holiday experience on the Adriatic

The Royal Vineyards are located in a town of Petrčane and Punta Skala only 12 kilometers from the historical city of Zadar Croatia, a town rich with cultural heritage of Dalmatia Region in Croatia. The vineyards are situated on a 25 acres of land and guests can find wine tasting area and tavern, too!

Partake in wine harvesting

The Royal Vineyards Croatia

Wine tasting room gives its guests a magnificent view of the Zadar city as well as islands of Zadar archipelago. Along with the tavern, there is place for 40 people inside and 40 sitting places on the outside. A unique experience awaits, with guests having the option to take part in grape harvesting and other field work, preparation of famous Dalmatian food in the traditional ways and cooking styles and much more! Wine harvesting trips with wine tasting and lunch take around 3 hours.

Field in the Royal Vineyards

Attend several workshops of Dalmatian cuisine

Do you have a special request? Maybe listening to UNESCO protected Croatian klapa music, folklore music, mandolin and guitar combination during your visit? That's an option too. With wine tasting and stories about the roots of Crljenak wine sort (Zinfandel, Primitive, Tribidrag, ...), guests can attend various workshops of Dalmatian cosine, like homemade bead making, choosing wine sort with types of meal and others. Royal vineyards will surely do their best to help you out in your needs!

The Royal Vineyards Petrcane

The history of the Royal Vineyards begins in 1066, when Croatian King Petar Krešimir IV. gave this land to the monastery of St. Maria. Čika, one of the nuns in the monastery decided to convert the land to a vineyard and the rest of the story you can find out during your visit to the Royal Vineyards!

Croatian wines

Taste 5 different types of Croatian wine

High quality grapes are produced thanks to the perfect combination of green nature, blue sky, hot sun and crystal clear sea which all give a unique ecosystem for wine production! To provide their guests and customers the highest quality of wine possible, only 5 types of wine are produced:

- Pošip: fruity flavor with a taste of apricots and figs and it is the perfect choice with fish meals, shells and white meat

- Plavac mali - one of the best red Croatian wines dominated with taste of fruity aromas of cherries and plums

- Crljenak is and old autochthone sort dating back to the 15th century. It taste and scent is increased with a mixture of blueberries, blackberries, plums and raspberries.

- Rose Scuro - the perfect wine for summertime and spring as it is not too strong and it is very tasty

- Muškat - perfect choice for an aperitif often in combination with light meals and deserts.

Crljenak wine

Did you know that Royal Vineyards are blessed with more than 2600 hours of direct sunlight throughout the year? Pick a villa near Zadar and begin your unforgettable journey!