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Visiting Zadar: Sea Music and Greeting to the Sun

Visiting Zadar: Sea Music and Greeting to the Sun

Have you heard of City of Zadar in Croatia? It is one of the biggest cities in Croatia south in Dalmatia region and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. It has many monuments and sights some of which are UNESCO protected and it is definitely worth a visit during your vacation in Croatia.

Sea Organ in Zadar Croatia is a unique wonder of architecture in the underground part of Zadarpromenade. What a unique experience it is to hear the sea playing beautiful music! Sea waves and the sea itself moves though the tubes located below the 70 meter long promenade and creates sea music which fills the air along the coast. This instrument has 5 different tones which all come from the traditional a capella singing in Dalmatia, the Klapasinging, which is sang by people in groups called Klapa, each with his or her own sound. Just like the sea energy is unpredictable in its size and influence, the eternal concert of the Zadar sea organ is unique all the time whose author is natureitself.

Sea Organ Music Zadar Croatia

Another interesting is the monument Greeting to the Sun in Zadar Croatia right next to the sea organ. The monument to the Sun consists of more than 300 layers of glass set on the same level as the stone on the promenade with a radius of 22 meters. The idea is to show the Milky way in a way that the glass is the sun and planets and their paths are shown on the stone blocks around the glass sun. Names of the Zadar saints are engraved in surrounding chrome ring, and next to their names and dates of the holidays the Greeting to the sun shows the declination of the Sun from the equator, sun height on the meridian for that date as well as day length for that holiday which means that this monument can serve as a type of a calendar!

Greeting to the sun Zadar Croatia

During your holiday in Croatia, visit the Greeting to the Sun Zadar in the night and check out the magical light show with Zadar sea music in the background and experience the the most beautiful sunset in the world! If you rent a villa in Zadar or in one of the villas near Zadar, be sure to visit these Zadar branding monuments. This is a place where ideas and skills truly met giving guests a place for relaxation with the mystical tones of the Nature orchestre! Did you know that Zadar fortification architecture got under UNESCO protection in 2017? Another sight in Zadar Croatia you shouldn't miss!

Photos: ZADAR Riva by Velid Jakupović (header photo), Morske orgulje i Pozdrav suncu winter by Fabio Šimićev, Mladen Radolović Mrlja, Zadar

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