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Croatian olive oil: try the liquid gold of the Mediterranean

Croatian olive oil: try the liquid gold of the Mediterranean

If your holiday destination this summer is the Croatian coast, you will surely enjoy top quality gastronomy in this beautiful country, especially the fish that is the trademark of the Mediterranean and the Adriatic sea. 

And every host will tell you that the taste of it is not final or the best without a drop of Croatian olive oil. It would be a pity to come and not to enjoy all the benefits of liquid gold, as the the locals usually call it.

It is often said that there were two trees in heaven - fig tree and olive trees. As the fig tree symbolizes the truth, the olive symbolizes life. With olives having an average life expectancy of 500 years, Dalmatian workers often compare olive trees with mothers. If you go away, she always waits for you, gives you protection, peace and food after a long trip. 

This miraculous Mediterranean tree grows on hard Dalmatian land with little water and a lot of sunshine.

It is said that people who consume olive oil look younger, healthier and more beautiful because olive oil is rich with antioxidants, as well as Vitamin E which acts to slow down brain aging.

Olive oil is one of the healthiest oils that man has been using since ancient times. It became is an indispensable part of all the world's cuisines as well as cosmetics industry. There are several reasons why using the liquid gold that people use for health, body care and nutrition.

- It contributes to youthful appearance of skin

- It keeps your hair healthy

- Protects the cardiovascular system

- Preserves bone health

- Improves the digestive system

- Heals burns

- It suppresses allergies

- Contributes to mind sharpness

And if you are interested in recognizing the quality and taste of good olive oil, you can find that and my other interesting information during your visit to local small production centers and organizations of agriculture experts all around Croatian coastline. Start your journey today!

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