Villas à Opatija

Villas à Opatija

Visit the “Pearl of Adriatic” and have a memorable stay in one of our luxury villas with a private pool in Opatija. Istria awaits you!

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The city has it all, amazing beaches, restaurants, stunning architecture, museums and many more.

  • Fact #1: Birthplace of Croatian tourism
  • Fact #2: First holiday villa in Croatia
  • Attractions: Lungomare, Girl with the Seagull

Opatija, a picturesque coastal town with a rich history and culture, is home to a variety of fantastic places, stunning landmarks, well-kept parks, and gorgeous luxury villas just waiting to be explored.

**Fun fact: Opatija is the birthplace of Croatian tourism. With the first Croatian villa built in 1844, Villa Angiolina was the holiday home to many historical people like Emperor Franz Joseph I and Empress Maria Anna. Even Albert Einstein visited Opatija in 1932.


So if you too wish to feel like royal, My Luxoria can help you! Find the ideal luxury villa with a pool in Opatija from our collection and have the sophisticated dream vacation in Opatija, Croatia.

These are the TOP 5 attractions in Opatija worth visiting: 

  • Take a stroll along the picturesque Lungomare promenade

  • Pay a visit to the Open Air theater, which hosts a variety of musical performances

  • Learn about Opatija's icon, the Girl with the Seagull monument (fun fact: in the original version, the seagull's beak had a fish in it that vanished without a trace at one point)

  • Visit the Croatian Walk of Fame and Porti, a little harbor where you may snap a photo with the iconic Girl with the Seagull statue

Whether you choose to spend your vacation in Croatia in a calm and secluded location or among the vibrant citylife, our luxury villas with pools in Opatija have something for everyone. We will ensure that your stay is memorable and first-class. By booking one of our pool villas in Croatia, you are guaranteed to have an amazing trip.

Why renting a luxury villa in Opatija with My Luxoria is the best possible option for you:

  • Easy & safe booking

  • Villas for every type of group: family-friendly villas, villas with the most incredible sea views you've ever seen, villas with direct beach access, pet-friendly villas, villas with heated pools, villas surrounded by untouched Mediterranean nature, relax & spa villas

  • Amazing amenities: private pool, jacuzzi and saunas, tennis courts, children's amenities, and much more are available to enhance your stay

  • Complete privacy is guaranteed

  • High-quality service for the best price

  • 24/7 guest support with local knowledge

  • Unforgettable experiences

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FAQ et informations utiles

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FAQ sur Villas à Opatija

Is Opatija worth visiting?

Great architecture, extraordinary cuisine, and plenty of activities make Opatija a worthwile location to visit. And for the families with kids, there are plenty of nearby beaches to enjoy your holidays.

Is there an airport in Opatija?

No, Opatija is not served by its own airport, but there is a nearby airport in Rijeka, about 25 kilometers away.

What is Opatija called in German?

Sankt Jakobi is the German name for the town of Opatija.

How warm is the sea in Opatija?

The average sea temparatue in Opatija during the peak season (July, August) is about 24 °C, making it an ideal temperature to enjoy the Adriatic.

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