Villas acceptant les animaux

Villas acceptant les animaux

Vous souhaitez voyager en Croatie avec vos animaux de compagnie ? Nous proposons à la location des villas avec piscine acceptant les animaux de compagnie qui se réjouissent d'accueillir vos amis à fourrure.

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Croatia has become one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations for holidaymakers who want to spend their time by the sea and enjoying the Mediterranean - all while accompanied by their four-legged friends!

My Luxoria will provide you with a selection of pet-friendly luxurious villas with a pool right on the beach, as well as stunning holiday homes located in nature away from the crowds. Because there is nothing better than taking long walks through our promenade and exploring it with your furry family member - here is where to book future memories and enjoy your stay in Croatia without leaving your pets behind when travelling.


Why booking a private luxury pet-friendly villa is the best way to enjoy a vacation in Croatia with your furry friends:

  • Our luxury villas all provide complete privacy.

  • Our private pet-friendly villas have large courtyards, so your four-legged friends will have plenty of room to run around and get some exercise. The best option for them to burn out all of their energy.

  • Most of our vacation homes are fully fenced, so you won't have to worry about them escaping. Simply relax by the pool and let the dog have the time of his life, soaking up the rays and running around in the fresh air.

  • We have a large selection of pet-friendly villas in our offer that are located in untouched and secluded nature, allowing you to take your dog on long walks, enjoy the Mediterranean with your entire family, and stay healthy while on vacation.

But, as we all know, every vacation requires planning, and traveling with your pets is no exception.

Here are My Luxoria's tips and tricks for booking a pet-friendly luxury villa with a swimming pool in Croatia, as well as information to keep in mind if you are travelling with your pet to our country:

  • Pet-friendly villas in Croatia may exist, but check to see if there are any additional pet fees. The majority of them charge a daily fee ranging from 5 to 15 euros, but some do not charge anything at all. It's best to check with My Luxorias agents to be on the safe side when it comes to additional fees.

  • When a luxury villa in Croatia is categorized as pet-friendly, it does not always imply that you can bring multiple pets. Every villa has its own set of rules, and most of the time, only one pet is permitted.
  • Not all beaches in Croatia are pet-friendly, so double-check before bringing your pet.

  • Be aware that there are some rules to follow when crossing the Croatian border with your pet. Your pet must be microchipped, rabies vaccinated, have a pet passport, and have an E.U. Health Certificate completed by an accredited veterinarian. Once you've met all of the prerequisites, there's nothing stopping you from embarking on your Croatian adventure.

  • It's essential to put a collar on your pet, especially if you're travelling in unfamiliar surroundings.

  • Pack your essentials: while villas allow you to bring your pets, most of them have strict house rules prohibiting them from sleeping on the beds or the couch. So bring your own dog bed and some fun toys.

  • Dogs are not permitted in the swimming pools, so please follow these guidelines if you are staying in a pet-friendly luxury villa in Croatia.

With the information provided above, you should have no trouble anticipating the best vacation in one of our luxury pet-friendly villas. 

My Luxoria is here to assist you in finding the ideal luxury holiday villa in Croatia for you and your beloved pets. Please contact us if you have any concerns or unanswered questions! Future memories are booked here, and let's get started on your next Croatian adventure!

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