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Guide to the City of Split

Guide to the City of Split

Welcome to the City of Split, one of the most famous and oldest cities of Croatia and the southern Dalmatia region.

Its vast interesting history began more than 17 centuries agoand its rich historical and cultural heritage, as well as its beautiful nature, makes it one of the best places to visit during your vacation in Croatia.

Gregory of Nin

Its old city center is underUNSECO protection for more than 40 years and the locals appreciate the beauty of the heritage and enjoy showing their city to every guest that comes their way.

As you are walking thought the old narrow streets you will start to see the beauty of the Dalmatian relaxed lifestyle and see the stone where many people before you have walked and the moments they have experienced.

The local population is very friendly and they enjoy sitting in coffee shops and bars with tourists and give them helpful tips on what to see and where to try the rich local gastronomical delights!

They will make you feel at home and a part of the city. Coffee drinking is something Dalmatians are known for, so be sure to ask around on where to try some of your favorite caffeine beverages!

The city of Split is something you must feel andit is more than itsarchitectural and cultural heritage, so check out our pick of must-see attractions in Split Croatia.

Split Promenade - Riva

Split promenade is one of the best places to enjoy a sunny afternoon in the city. The bars along the Riva are often filled with people and relaxing in one of them will surely give you a peek of Split lifestyle, sitting next to characteristically noisy locals. Split Riva is something you cannot missduring your stay, ask anyone and they will point you to it!

Split Promenade Riva

It is a true gathering spot of the city where everyone meets, either to relax and enjoy the day or for business and work. It is located right by the sea, and its design of today is very similar to that made by the Frenchduring their ruling of the town, almost 200 years ago.

Riva is also amazing in the night, have fun all night long in clubs there and be sure to try local delicates inrestaurants spread throughout the promenade.

Marjan Park Forest

If you are tired of the city rush and visiting historical monuments during your vacation in Split, take a walk in theMarjan forest park.

Its untouched naturewill leave you speechless, especially the view from the top! Marjan has many walking and running paths, it is perfect for hiking and mountain biking so be sure to check it out if you want to stay active even on holidays.

Marjan Park Forest

It is truly aplace to unwind in Split! There are many sacral objects and sanctuaries in the forest for you to see and also some traditional stone walls called suhozidi, which is built by techniques protected by the UNESCO.

Those stone walls are really a part of the cultural landscape of the entire Dalmatia region. Check out the botanical garden too! Explore the forest, stay active and take some memorable photosfrom the top of the Marjan hill!

Diocletian's Palace

Another monument you cannot miss is the Diocletian's palace in the Split city center close to the famous promenade. The palace was built by theRoman emperor Diocletian for his retirement home.

It is a real compliment for the city of Split to have a Roman emperorto choose this region for his final years. The construction began in 293. and it was finished 10 years later. Various materials from all around the region were used, like famousBrač island stone and materialsfrom Egypt, Greece Italy and other parts of the world!

Diocletian's Palace

The palace is the city's heartand it is packed with coffee shops and restaurants and the unavoidable architectural historical and cultural heritage as you can expect. There are four points of entry into the complex, gates called Golden, Bronze, Silver and Iron gates. The palace is home to 3000 people and it has more than 200 buildings in 38.000 square meters!

Spend a day exploring the Diocletian's palace, it is definitely worth it!

Cathedral Of St. Dominus

The Cathedral of St. Dominus, locally known as the Cathedral of St. Duje is the most famous catholic cathedralin the city. It is a church complex as part of the Diocletian's palace and it is known to be the oldest cathedral in the world that kept its original design and structure built in 305AD.

Cathedral Of St. Dominus

It was first dedicated as the Mausoleum of Diocletian, and the original colonnade of24 columns is still kept to this day. There are many reliquaries, illuminated manuscripts and other church artifacts worth seeingas they give you a glimpse of the sacral history of the palace and the cathedral. The exterior is truly stunning and be sure to check out thecrypt inside the church too!

Peristyle square is located in front of the cathedraland it is an ancient forum where people used to meet and enjoy the palace life.

Buy tickets to see thismagnificent structureon time and see the stunning architecture of one of the oldest buildings in the city of Split!

Split City Museum

There are many museums in Split cityworth visiting and the Split City Museum is one of them. It hosts manysculptures and artifacts from nearby Solin city, knows as Salona in the Roman times and from other parts of the region too.

There aremany paintings and artwork to see and the palaceis a monument on its own as it was built in the 14th century. The museum tells a story of the city thoughtitems and photographs on display, but don't forget; the City of Split is a museum on its own!

Split City Museum

The city of Split is more than its architecture, its treasure the people and their customs, traditions and their way of life. It is a city of festivals, theatre, art and music!

More than 100 000 people attend the famous Ultra Music Festival and other festivals just like it, and much more visit this famous town for their vacation! Check out our villas in Split offer and book your stay on time!

Photos: MyLuxoria, Split Tourist Board

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