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Vranjača cave near Split Croatia

Vranjača cave near Split Croatia

Location of the cave

In the bare heart of Central Dalmatia,Dalmatian Zagoraas it is locally known, only half an hour drive fromSplit Croatia, beautifulcave Vranjačastands proud. Meet the wondrous underground world of natural stone architecture made with water influence forthousands of yearsaway from the light and man's influence. Discover nature's beauty and magnificent cave decorations. Vranjača cave is one of the greatest pearls of Central Dalmatia countryside and it isprotectedsince 1963. Not far from Vranjača cave's entrance there is a hiking path which leads toVickov peak, from which the view is breathtaking!

Vranjača cave insideGreat day trip idea

A visit to the Vranjača cave is an excellentday trip idea, it is packed with stone and wooden picnic areas and untouched nature, as well asclean airin the woods, is just more the reason nature lovers and others should take a trip to this picturesque area! Have some fun exploring the cave and its smaller parts which all have aunique name. Some have different glow and colors and each one will leave you speechless! The full length of the Vranjača cave paths is360 meterslong and the temperature is around 15 degrees Celcius throughout the year. The cave is located at452 meters above sea leveland the depth is 107 meters.

great day trip


If you are planning to visit the Vranjača cave it will take up 60 minutes of your time. If you are staying ina villa in Split Croatiaor you are planning to renta villa in Central Dalmatiacountryside, Vranjača cave should be on your list and thevisit is well worth it!

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