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Diocletian's Palace

Diocletian's Palace

During your visit to the magnificent city of Split Croatia, you will notice an architectural wonder along the city coast. It is the Emperor Diocletian palace, a structure with which the city of Split in the Croatian south in Dalmatia region would be impossible to imagine. The palace is Split's vital life spot.

History of the Palace

The history of Split city and the Diocletian palace is very interesting indeed. The palace construction began in the year 298 after Emperor Diocletian successfully defeated the Egyptians. Did you know that Diocletian was born in the Dalmatia region near the city of Solinnear Split, where then-capital of Dalmatia was located.

Diocletian retired in the year 305 to the palace in Split and lived there until his death in the year 311. After his death, the palace still belonged to Rome, but it was abandoned until the Salona refugees had settled around it in the7th centuryafter Slav invasion.

diocletian palace in split croatia

What to see in Diocletian's Palace?

Today, Diocletian palace is a real tourist treat, with many attractions inside as well as shops, cafes, restaurants and even residential buildings and apartments! Special things to see are the Palace gates, one on the each side.

Palace gates

Golden gate entrance is the north gate and it served as main entrance and the road led to Salona and it is well preserved.

Bronze gate is unmarked and in historical times it led directly to the sea, eastern Silver gateholds the Split Green Market and Iron gate on the west connects the Palace to the People square.

split promenade croatia


The center of the palace, which was protected by the UNESCO in 1979, is called Peristil with St. Dominus Cathedral and Diocletian’s mausoleum, and it is a must-see for all visitors! Don't forget to relax and drink some coffee the Dalmatian way and feel the Croatian southern culture to the fullest!

peristil in split

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