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Sučić family estate: Reviving the rural lifestyle through the traditional gastronomy

Sučić family estate: Reviving the rural lifestyle through the traditional gastronomy

Located in a small town called Sučići in Mirlović hinterland 30 kilometers from the historical city of Šibenik and tourist hotspot Vodice city. The goal of the Sučić family is to give their guests a genuine experience of the rural Dalmatia and to make Mirlović hinterlandplace where true gourmands and gastronomy lovers will gather and try out amazing food produced with local farmers and hunters combined with a hint of a modern touch.

Chef Mate Sučić, although young, is very experienced in culinary techniquesand has experience working with manyfamous chefs and participating in many workshops of the industry throughout the country. He truly enjoys working with food and gastronomyand preparing delicious meals! His approach isvery original and innovative not just in cooking style but in mixing the ingredients in new tasty delights!

His entire family works on the estate and they all enjoy growing their own food and making new recipes and they have been doing it for more than 19 years! With this approach, only the sky is the limit!

The menu of the estate, as well as restaurant La Belle Vie in Vodice where Mate operates in the summer season improves every year and his regular guests always want to see what will he come up with next and they all come back wanting more!

Restaurant on the estate called Campanelo is a sort of a culinary playground for chef Mate and everything he tries out in Campanelo traditional restaurant, he brings to the Vodice restaurant for his guests to try out.

All his modern meals and specialties are prepared with homegrown productsand are GMO-free and organically produced, so get ready to give your tastebuds a party! Their meat is also prepared this way and they have many domestic animals on the property like chickens, pigs, and more!

Campanelo restaurant is made from a century-old stone buildingand that gives it that special ambient feeling of the rural Dalmatia and the lifestyle of the local people, combined with the modern style of course.

The restaurant got its name by aLatin word that means belltoweras this village is located under a hill called Zvonik(Croatian word for belltower). Its design was planned to the smallest detail to give its guests a truly amazing experience.

The village Sučići also has a cultural folklore group called Zvona Zagore (The Bells of Zagora) and they aim to preserve the traditional chlothing, dancing techniques, culinary techniques and much more!

These partsof the Croatian Dalmatia region arewell worth to explore so be sure to make some plans for a tour! Always helpful localswill happily help you out!

Visit this amazing restaurantduring your stay in the Croatian countryside if you are visiting during the offseason.

In the summermonths, visit La Belle Vie in Vodice and try the amazing culinary delights of chef Mate! Rent villa in Šibenik and plan your vacation on time. There is much to see!

Photos: OPG Sučić Facebook

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