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Guide to Trogir

Guide to Trogir

If you’re looking for an authentic Croatian coastal experience, Trogir is the right place. It’s a historic town near Split, Croatia, that was established as a Greek colony. Thanks to its origins, this town has a cultural history of more than 2 thousand years, which got it a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In this long period, it has accumulated amazing historical sights loved by both tourists and locals.

Besides its historical importance, Trogir is an ideal summer destination because of its amazing beaches and proximity to other larger towns on the Dalmatian coast. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for an active holiday as well as peace and quiet in a luxury villa away from the noise.

What to see in Trogir?

This enchanting Dalmatian town contains a number of amazing cultural and historical sights, as well as beautiful nature.

Historical town core

The old town core is a unique experience characteristic to all sorts of European cities that are as old as Trogir. Thanks to its 2300 years of cultural history, Trogir has one of the most intriguing historical cores. The town core is often the place with the most sights. Actually, a lot of the other sights we’ll be mentioning are part of the historical core.

Since a lot of the sights you’ll visit are located in the city center, it’s a great idea to find accommodation near them. Our Villa Pescatore is only 100 meters from the city center but it’s isolated enough to offer a luxurious resting experience.

Historical town Trogi

Cathedral of St. Lawrence for architecture enthusiasts

If Trogir was known for only one thing, it would be the Cathedral. This Roman Catholic cathedral was built in the 13thcentury, for the most part of it. Visiting the Cathedral of St. Lawrence is definitely a unique experience because parts of it were constructed in as late as the 16th century. Because of this, it’s a monument to the cultural changes in Dalmatia and unifies a lot of different styles.

While the Cathedral is mostly Roman Catholic, some of its insides are actually built in gothic style. Most of its architects were Croatian artists, but there are a few marks of Venetian artists on it as well. Visiting the cathedral will be even more interesting if you’re familiar with Venetian architecture. Still, no matter your cultural knowledge, this is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Croatia (protected by UNESCO) and a must-see when in Trogir.

Kamerlengo Castle for a great view

On the southwest part of the waterfront sits Kamerlengo Castle. This is a 15th-century fortress surrounded by the sea on two sides. The view from the tower is magnificent and you can even see the Cathedral and the rest of the city. If you’d rather have an amazing view right from your terrace, choose one of our beautiful villas near Trogir and enjoy the ultimate vacation.

The Kamerlengo Castle isn’t only a wonderful viewpoint but also a spot for many concerts and events during the summer months. Make sure to check out the events because this fortress creates a magical ambiance.

There are a lot of other historical and cultural sights in Trogir like the St. Peter Church which you can discover by taking a stroll through the old town core.

What to do in Trogir?

There are a number of activities for those that enjoy nature better than strolling through the town.

Visit Čiovo

If you’re more into nature and hiking than discovering culture and history, you should definitely visit Čiovo while in Trogir. You can get to it by car, bus or a boat – there are cheap boat tickets as well as bus lines. Just like Trogir, Čiovo has been of significance since ancient times, but it’s also full of raw Mediterranean nature.

Čiovo is a great destination for an active holiday because of its hiking trails with amazing views of neighboring islands and Trogir, as well as water activities like diving or even sailing. There are numerous sailing services that will make taking a trip around Čiovo a wonderful experience for anyone.

island Čiovo

Go for a swim

There are a lot of beaches around Trogir which can even be discovered by driving by, but our first recommendation is the Pantana Beach. It’s a sandy-pebbled beach, so it’s great for anyone with little kids or who doesn’t enjoy rocky beaches, but it also has a very natural look. There’s enough natural shade and beautiful vegetation around it.

Besides being a great beach, Pantana is special for one other reason. It’s surrounded by brackish water because the river Rika meets the sea. This is the source for unique flora and fauna, which makes this beach a great place for a whole day trip.

Another great place for a swim is the Sveti Jere beach, which is a combination of sand, pebbles, and concrete, so there’s something for everyone. It’s closer to the city and easily accessed.

Discover the Dalmatian coast

Trogir is located near Split, one of the most famous locations on the Croatian coast. It’s also only a short drive from Šibenik, another amazing historical town. No matter which city you choose, you can’t go wrong. Every single Dalmatian city has a rich cultural and historical background, so you’ll have a lot to discover.

Another great option is to take a day trip to some of the amazing Dalmatian islands. No matter if you’re taking a ferry or going on a sailing trip, you’ll most definitely enjoy the natural beauty of both the islands and the sea around you. Croatia has one of the most rugged coastlines in Europe so that makes it a perfect destination for fans of sailing or peaceful vacations.

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