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Spending your vacation in Dalamatia: Having fun in the rural Dalmatian countryside

Spending your vacation in Dalamatia: Having fun in the rural Dalmatian countryside

The Croatian south isknown to attract tourists of various interests from all around the worldfor decades. The region is called Dalmatiaand it is one of the best Croatian regions enjoy in the summer months of the year.

It offerssights, amenities, and destinations to its visitors and something can be found for anyone! There are quite a few national parks, islands, and cities that definitely should be on your list.

The Dalmatian inland parts are very charming and they will give you a glimpse of how the life of the locals used to be when most of them worked in agriculture and had livestock.

Tough times created interesting customs, like clothing styles and dancing as well as tasty meals you can try to this day!

During your holiday in Dalmatia, the countryside part of the region is definitely a must-visit! Keep on reading to find out about someactivities you should try!


What a better way to explore the beautiful untouched nature, beautiful mountain peaks, traditional stone countryside, than taking a hiking trip!

Enjoy theamazing beauty of the Dalmatian hinterlandwhile exploring it on foot, it is a well-known fact that nice fresh air of this region does wonders for your health!

There are many trails you can take and find out more about the regionand the other option is to just take a walk around your holiday accommodation and see whatsecret does the surrounding hold. You might find some tasty delicates, who knows?

Be sure to check with the owners of your accommodation! One of thebetter-known hiking trails includes the one up the Velebit mountain, challenging and mighty Biokovomountain with a stunning view of the Adriatic sea, Mosornear Split city and the inland of Bračisland.

Vranjača cave is an amazing sight to visitif you find yourself near the city of Split, a natural stone cave that was made by water without human interference and it existed for thousands of years!

Don't forget to eat during your exhausting workout, maybe a picnic in the woods like the old locals used to enjoy the food in the fields?


Similar to hiking, riding a bike thought the amazing fresh air the nature that ill leave you speechless is one another thing you should do during your vacation, even if you do not usually enjoy being active on your holidays.

Just like the hiking trails, there are lots of biking trails to choose from depending on your location and vacation spot of your choosing, so thekey is asking around. Don't forget that there some of our villas offer bokes as amenities.

There are even some agencies that organize multi-day excursions focused on bike riding.

The tours are usually carefully designed and they include local gastronomy food and wine tasting as well as exploring the ancient historicalsightsspread throughout the Dalmatian countryside.

You shouldn't miss this activity so be sure to add it on your list!


Did you know that there are 8 national parks in Croatia and that some are part of the UNESCO World Heritage list? Hikers, photographers, nature lovers and renowned travelers all enjoy visiting these natural masterpieces and they all carry amazing memories when they leave.

Villa renting in the Dalmatian countryside gives you a unique opportunity to visit some of them as the region is close and only a few hour drives will separate you from those parks that are in the southern part of the country.

Check out Plitvice Lakes National parkwith its stunning waterfalls,Kornati National park with beautiful islands, Sjeverni Velebit National park for adventure, Krka, Risnjak...

It might take you a couple of days to tour all of them, but the experience will definitely be well worth it!


Wherever your vacation fun takes you in Croatia, we recommend you always be on the lookout for a good restaurant, a traditional tavern or maybe a seafood restaurant.

There are many options for whichever city you choose for your holiday! Dalmatian locals living in this region and on the islands enjoy their traditional Mediterranean cosine that includes lots of vegetables, olive oil, homemade cheese, figs, almonds and much much more! Very tasty as well as healthy!

There are many events that celebrate the local gastronomical delights, like the Drniš prosciutto festival in August, where you can taste and buy traditional homemade products. Olive oil, also known as the liquid gold, is a must-try, so don't miss it.

There are many traditional restaurants, known as konobe, where you can feel the Dalmatian ambient and the breath-taking taste of the food we definitely recommend a visit!


There are many small charming towns in Central Dalmatia countryside and each has its own unique traditions that might surprise you. They might be even considered hidden gems of this region!

The city of Drniš, for example, is a beautiful small town rich with history located near the city of Šibenik worth your time and visit. The city has fascinating Dalmatian rural aura very appealing to tourists.

There is, of course, the unavoidable traditional food like prosciutto and cheese, autochthon souvenirs like the Drniš susak, cycling paths and hiking path to Promina peak and much more!

Other cities include Sinj city near the city of Split that is famous for the ancient knight game Alka which is more than 300 years old, and the city Skradin near the city of Šibenik and the Krka National park. There are many more all throughout the region!


If you enjoy some adrenaline and having fun on the edge, find the Čikola zipline and cruise on a wild ride more than 200 meters high. There is also a rafting option on the wild Dalmatian rivers, you can't go wrong with them.

The wild currents will keep your blood boiling long after the ride!

An interesting tour of the countryside can be taken on a Jeep Safari, jeep ride through the wilderness, National park Krka and the source of the Cetina river, a truly amazing sight! Read more about it here.

Dalmatia region is filled with surprises! Rent villa in Central Dalmatia and let your adventure begin!

Photos: BlueGreen Biking Šibenik, MyLuxoria

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