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Fun in Dalmatia countryside: Jeep Safari Šibenik

Fun in Dalmatia countryside: Jeep Safari Šibenik

Are you ready to discover the untouched nature of rural Central Dalmatia countryside? A great adventure awaits on a fun activity called Jeep Safari!

First stop is the royal City of Knin Croatia where guests can hear the story of Croatian kings an their court dramas. Knin town, often called Zvonimir's city, was the capital city of the entire Croatian state during the reign of Dimetrius Zvonimir, the last native Croatian king, in the 11th century. Be ready to hear more about legends of his assassination and succession of power!

Jeep Safari adrenaline Šibenik

Next destination is the magnificent National park Krka near Šibenik and beautiful Krčić waterfall. Vast country roads of Dinara mountain lead the way on a historic adventure staring in the 9th century and the St. Salvation Church build during the reign of Duke Branimir which is rich with archeological findings. The Cetina river spree will surely leave you speechless with its pure breathtaking nature! Last but not least is the panorama view of island Visovac on Krka river and the Krka national park Croatia, one of ten Croatian national parks.

Want to hear more? Be sure the visit Croatian Travel Club website here, where you can find out more about Jeep safari and kayaking in Šibenik, as well as Čikola zipline adrenaline ride!

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