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Kornati National Park in Croatia

Kornati National Park in Croatia

Specifics of the national park

One of the most famous Croatian landmarks is Kornati National park, part of only a handful of national parks in Croatia and UNESCOprotected sites. The Kornati National Park is often referred to as the "Croatian natural paradise" in travel publications.

Kornati national park specifics

If you enjoy sailing, 89 islands of Kornati islands with islets and reefs included will bring your skills to the test, especially if the weather has some effort too! Many trips can be found for Kornati islands, like 5M company or big game fishing trip in Croatia.

Unique weather conditions

Its unique geographical location gives Kornati National park unique weather conditions because the northern Adriatic is under the influence of Genua depressions in spring and autumn and southern Adriatic is under influence of subtropical high-pressure belt in the summer and Kornati islands small elevation gives it's almost the same good climate in the whole area!

Kornati bay National park weather conditions

The temperatures vary from an average low of 8 °C in February to an average high of 25 °C in the summer months. The average annual temperature is 16 °C. 270 days of the year are warmer than 10 °C and the record at the Vela Sestrica island was 36.4 °C! Around 40 days of the year the temperature goes beyond 30 °C!

Weather can be very stormy, and the most famous wind in Croatia is Bura wind, and the dominant one in the summer is called Maestral.

Kornati National park boating


As for Kornati National park history, the 1960s and 1970s were times of recognition of the beauty of the park and in the 1980's it was declared a national park and part of it a nature park called Telašćica Nature Park and the laws of protection kept changing until 2011.

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