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Primošten Pet-friendly beaches

Primošten Pet-friendly beaches

Primošten is a lovely old town located on the Dalmatian coast. Once a fishing village, today this picturesque Adriatic jewel is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. 

Although small, the city will allow you to feel the incomparable atmosphere of traditional Dalmatia and Mediteran while you enjoy discovering interesting attractions, spending time in beautiful accommodations, or just strolling down the city streets surrounded by restaurants that offer delicious food and colourful souvenir shops. 

Thanks to its location, Primošten appears to be perfect for all those who want to spend their vacation discovering beautiful places all over Dalmatia as National Park Krka, Šibenik and Split are all within about an hour of the ride.

If you’re visiting Primošten during the hot summer months probably the only thing on your mind is how to escape from everyday life and where to find the best beach to refresh yourself and enjoy your vacation days. If this is the case you can relax because the real highlight of the city of Primošten are the beaches. 

But what if you’re travelling with your furry family member?

Today, there are more and more pet-friendly accommodations, restaurants, and bars, as well as destinations, including beaches. Many Croatian beaches now have separate pet-friendly pebble or sand beach areas, so no worries, you can bring your furry friend with you this summer and watch them having a great time in the water, and Primošten is one of these places. 

Velika Raduča

Velika Raduča is a popular beach in Primosten and is located in a beautiful bay on the northern side of the Raduča peninsula. Velika Raduča is a pebble beach that is ideal for families with kids, especially due to its pet-friendly policy. 

Kids will love the aqua park at Velika Raduča, and all the visitors can enjoy tennis and mini golf next to the beach. Lifeguards provide additional safety and people with special needs can also easily access the beach. 

For all those who want to escape the sun for a while, there is a bar at Velika Raduča and a parking lot next to the beach. 

Velika Raduča

Mala Raduča

Beach Mala Raduča is a beautiful pebble beach located near Velika Raduča, 100 metres from the centre of Primošten and the city promenade. 

This beach not only offers an amazing view of Primošten but is also suitable for children and dog-friendly. While your dog enjoys his time on the beach you can relax on the rented sunbeds or have a massage in one of the tents on the beach, and thanks to the small distance between Mala and Velika Raduča you can enjoy all the amenities offered on the Velika Raduča beach like paddle boats, pedal boats, bicycles, and the kids can spend their time on the playground next to the beach. 

Pet-friendly beaches in the Primošten area

Beach Stara Škola

Placed in the centre of Vodice, just 40 km away from Šibenik, Beach Stara Škola is a very popular place among dog owners. Beach is covered with fine pebbles and the crystal clear sea will be a great refreshment for your furry friend. 

There are many amenities placed near the beach and not many people come here to sunbathe so you can play and spend quality time with your dog here without being disturbed. 


Located in Tribunj, 43 km away from Primošten, Bristak beach is one of the most popular beaches in this area. Bristak beach is a gravel beach with a part of the beach suited especially for dogs. 

Beach is suitable for kids and young people as part of the beach is fenced so the kids could get easier access and there is a beach bar and a restaurant nearby. Near the beach, there is a parking lot, and a playground and it’s possible to rent loungers and parasols at the beach. 

Pet-friendly beaches 

Travelling to Croatia with your dog

Even though Croatia is a pet-friendly country there are still some rules you’ll have to follow when travelling to Croatia with your pet considering Croatia’s travel regulations for pets. It’s obligated for your pet to have a pet passport and health certificate, it also has to be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies. 

Before travelling it would be wise to test your pet by putting him in conditions similar to those at your travelling destination. Some pets are too scared to travel and it would be easier for them to spend a few days apart from you than putting them through the stress of travelling.

With an increased number of tourists coming to Croatia every year with their pets, Croatia recognized the importance of making this kind of visitor as comfortable when travelling as possible so the number of pet-friendly places is getting bigger daily. 

For now, the region with the biggest number of dog-friendly beaches is Kvarner, you can find eight dog-friendly beaches only on the island of Lošinj, and there are many more in other parts of this area. 

Even though all Croatian beaches are public and you can swim with your pet wherever you want when it comes to wild and isolated beaches that don’t have a sign that states otherwise, keep in mind that beaches with a blue flag are forbidden for pets.

After you have chosen your pet-friendly travel destination, don’t forget that your pets have their needs just like you and the rest of your family. So when going to the beach don’t forget to bring sunscreen and something to protect your dog from the insects, also protect their skin and paws and keep them in the shade as much as possible.

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