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Tips for a vacation in a pet-friendly villa

Tips for a vacation in a pet-friendly villa

Going on a vacation for many means taking their best furry friend with them. 

There are many advantages of renting a luxury villa and one of them is surely the fact that there are many pet-friendly villas where you can enjoy your holidays with your fluffy best friend, so you don’t need to worry about how he’s doing in some old pet hotel back home.

Today we are talking about all the tips for finding a pet-friendly villa and how to have the best pet-friendly vacation ever.

Find a pet-friendly villa

When going on a hunt for a pet-friendly villa, make sure that you are searching on a trusted website. After you’ve found the perfect villa that accommodates pets you need to contact the agency or the rental manager to make sure you are informed about all the rules and possible fees.

Be transparent about your pet

When arranging your accommodation, be sure to clearly communicate with your host. Tell them that you are travelling with a pet, even though the listing clearly said that it is pet-friendly; they might like a heads up and will appreciate the clear communication from the start.

Treveling with a pet

Ask if there are any cleaning fees or extra charges

Some vacancies charge extra fees for bringing pets or cleaning after them. Let’s be honest, most pets leave a hairy trail after them so it can get tough in cleaning afterwards. It is best to talk to your host and ask about it so there won’t be any surprise expenses.

Ask if there are any special rules

Many accommodations have their own rules for pets - and you need to follow them. If your dog usually sleeps in your bed but the host doesn’t allow it - respect that and bring a dog bed for your pet if the host didn’t already state he’ll provide one.

This is why it is important to agree upon everything with your host beforehand so you can avoid any misunderstandings and you can have a great time on your vacation.

Are there any special pet-friendly features?

Some hosts provide pet amenities in their rentals so make sure to check for those. It is great to have some stuff for your pet already there so you don’t need to pack too much, like a pet bed, pet dishes and maybe even some toys.

Luxury pet friendly villa

What to do before going on vacation with a pet?

There are some things to consider before going on your pawtastic vacation. You don’t want any surprises so a bit of research will surely come in handy.

Write a “To Bring” list

Before going on any trip, it is good to write a list of everything you need to pack so you don’t forget anything. The same goes when you pack for your pet.

You don’t want to end up buying a bunch of stuff you don’t actually need on your vacation, so you can use this list before going on a trip with your pet:


  • Pet bed (if not included in your accommodation)

  • Pet dish for food and water

  • A leash

  • Collar and tags

  • Waste bags

  • Litter box if you are bringing your cat

  • Food

  • Treats

  • Toys

  • Medication if needed (consult your vet)

  • A blanket

These are the most important things you’d need on a vacation with your pet. Some people bring more, some less but you need to make sure that your pet will have a great time as you are having!

Research about vet clinics in the area

Before going on a trip, it would be good to go on a check-up at your vet clinic and get a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. Check with them if you need any other documentation especially if you’re travelling abroad.

Also, it might be useful to research the vet clinics in the area you’re going to stay at, so nothing can leave you feeling unprepared.

Stock up on pet food

It is good to stock up on food, especially if your pet has a special brand that he likes. Who knows, maybe the local pet shop doesn’t have that brand or there is no pet shop if you’re staying in a smaller town.

Anyhow, stock up on pet food and, of course, treats! No good day goes without a treat.

Don’t forget toys!

You don’t want your dog chewing up on a luxury sofa in your villa, right? To prevent that from happening, bring your furry friend his favourite toys, maybe even buy a new one that will keep him occupied. 

It isn’t recommended to leave your pet unsupervised for a long period of time, so before you go, check with the owner if there is a dedicated area where your pet can stay while you go on a late-night dinner or a party.

Pet friendly villa

Leaving the pet-friendly villa

At the end of the vacation, nobody really wants to go home. But, what has to be done, has to be done. 

Before leaving the villa, there are a few nice things you might want to do.

Clean up 

We’re not talking about going knee-deep in bleach and vigorously cleaning the whole place, but it is nice to leave the accommodation in the state you received it. If there’s a vacuum, you can clean up the furballs from your pet, and maybe put the dishes in the dishwasher. 

If there is any damage or stains, you need to tell the owner so you can agree upon the price of the damage and payments. 

Leave a nice review

Leaving a nice review will help other pet owners find the rental more easily and you will acknowledge the host’s friendliness. It is a small thing that you can do but means a lot to the hosts and agencies.

If there’s an option for uploading a photo, why not leave a cool picture of you and your pet chilling on the terrace? It will surely help the owner stand out and the other pet owners to know how awesome is that place you stayed at.

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