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Relaxing on vacation: Visiting National park Krka in Croatia

Relaxing on vacation: Visiting National park Krka in Croatia

Croatia has many amazing sights you could visit during your holidays, spanning from untouched nature parks, national parks to amazing cultural heritagewith many hidden gems you will not find in regular guides and that can be discovered only by getting to know the locals and exploringon your own.

Renting villa in the Croatian south gives you freedomto explore the Dalmatian countryside and everything that the region has to offer. There are 8 national parks in Croatia, each one more beautiful than the other: Plitvice Lakes, North Velebit, Risnjak, Paklenica, Mljet, Brijuni, Kornati islands and Krka.

You would really be missing out if you don't visit Krka national park during your stay in the Dalmatia region. There are many things to see and the visit can easily take the whole day and then some!

The park is open the whole year and some parts of the park are closed depending on part of the year. The park got its namebecause of the river that flows in this region. Nature lovers will get their way as there are many wildlife species in park area, from plants to animals, and some are even friendly!

Walking around the park, you will find many interesting educational walking and hiking paths which will tell you more about the park's history and more about the flora and faunathat lives here.

There are a couple of entrances to the park and the most prominent are those in Lozovac and old town Skradin. Entrance feeis different throughout the year and if you are traveling with childrenthere is a special pricefor them.

It is very easy to come to the Krka national park from major Dalmatian cities, Šibenik is the closestand you will have to take a short 20 km drive to arrive. Zadarcity is 70 km away and Splitis slightly farther and you will have to take a little more than 90 km ride.

If you are coming through Lozovac, there is plenty of free parking available and in Skradin a little less but you could still find a place if you avoid the rush hour.

When you buy a ticket in Lozovac you have the option to take a 900 meter walk through the forest to start your adventure or take the free bus that will take you inside the park. If you are entering the park from the Skradin city side you will take the scenic route with a boat and come to the park's port. Don't forget about the other entrances too!

There are a couple ofinteresting waterfalls, like Skradinski buk waterfall which consists of17 smaller waterfalls spanning over 800 meters at the end of which you can swim! Another magnificent waterfall which will leave you speechless is the Roški slap waterfall which is 225 meters high.

Another one is the Manojlovac waterfall with its 60 meters of beauty. There are some designated swimming areaswhere guests can try the Krka river, but be careful, swimming anywhere else can be very dangerous!

There are some sacral monuments too for those who enjoy cultural tours, like the monastery with an orthodox church built in 1345 and archeological remains of ancient Roman buildings.

Do you know that there is a small island in the middle of the Krka river close to the park? The lovely picturesque Visovac island is a small charming siland with a tiny monestary which was built in 1445! Read more about it here! You can take a short 5 minute boat ride to get to Visovac from the Krka park.

If you enjoy Roman architecture and you find it interesting there are some more treats for you in Krka National park!Burnum Amphitheatre and military camp with architecture remains will show you a glimpse of the Roman life in the area.

The amphitheatre could house 8000 people so you can guess it was in the centre of thecivil and political life of the region! Keep exploring and you will find some caves that go deep underground too! There are also some autochtone etno villages like Gornja kuća(Upper house) that were first mentioned in history as early as 13th century.

You should definitely alsovisit the ancient city of Skradinand see its sights, and if you are coming by boat drop by at the famous restaurant Vidrovača under the Skradin bridge which is often visited by famous celebrities, politicians and tech billionaires!

Check out villas in Šibenik or rent villa in countryside central Dalmatia and book you stylish vacation close to Krka National park!

When going to the park, be sure to bring lots of water and some snacks as you will surely get tired exploring! Be careful about swimming as keep to the designated areas and dress appropirately when going to the monasteries! Enjoy the Krka National park!

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