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Bungee jumping in Croatia

Bungee jumping in Croatia

Are you ready for an unforgettable adrenaline rush which will provide you with an instant stress relief? Jumping off a bridge can be a magnificent feeling after which you will be completely reborn!

Bungee jumping comes from an interesting 1000 year old ritual called N'gol in the small island state Vanuatu. The legend goes that N'gol was born after a violent man called Tamile leaped off a cliff after his abused wife who was trying to escape. The man died, but the woman saved herself by tying a lianato her leg before jumping. That is how bungee jumping was born, but the modern version came about in 1979 in Bristol.

Followed by a keen eye of trained instructors, during summer months you can safely try out bungee jumping in Croatia south in three locations.

1. Maslenica bridge

Maslenica Bridge near Zadar is the and it stands at the height of 56 meters. Professionals there have been leading the jumps for 10 years. After you jump you stop 5 meters from the sea and a boat takes you to the shore. You can also tape your jump with a Go Pro Camera!

2. Šibenik bridge

Šibenik bridge near the city of Šibenik Croatia stands at 40 meters height. You will have to cross the fence on the road to get to the platform, but after the jump your are pulled back up for the enhanced feeling, in contrast to Maslenica jump and the boat ride back.

If you are already in Šibenik, it would be nice to visit the river Čikola and its canyon, and adrenaline lovers can go to the Zip line across the river Čikola.

3. Pag island bungee jumping

Pag island an the popular party destination Zrće beach gives its guests bungee jumping adrenaline rush option with the jump height of 41 meters. Remember, its not much fun after a long night of partying!

Bunge jumping - Pag island

During your vacation in Villas in Šibenik, Villas in Murteror Villas in Vodice, be sure to visit this adrenaline experience on Šibenik bridge. If you choose vacation in Zadar Croatia visit Maslenica bridge or Pag island! Be sure to check out our luxury villa for rent in Zadar offer.

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