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HBO's Game of Thrones: Top filming locations in Croatia

HBO's Game of Thrones: Top filming locations in Croatia

Game of Thrones season 8 is out! Get ready for some more intrigue and shocking plot twists which will blow your mind! The winter came to the three continents of the world and be sure to do Game of Thrones recap before continuing on with the last season - season 8 of the show as it has the potential to be the best one yet! Are you thinking about a rewatchfirst 7 season of GOT? Take it from us, it's definitely worth it!

Did you know that Game of Thrones was alsofilmed in Croatia? There are many filming locations you can visit this summer during your vacation in Croatia south and experience some real-world Game of Thrones beauty and architecture! This is your chance to relive some of your famous scenes in GOT. Read on and find some of our top Game of Thrones locations in Croatia!

1. The City of Dubrovnik Croatia: King's Landing

Kings Landing Dubrovnik Croatia

The first one is and obvious choice. What other than the City of Dubrovnik as King's Landing which isthe capital of Seven Kingdoms! During your stay in Dubrovnik be sure not to miss a visit to the Fort Lovrijenac which acted as Red Keep, the residence of the King of the Andals and the First Men,and now queen Carsei. A lot of famous scenes were filmed here as well as other locations in Dubrovnik like Pile Gate, Dubrovnik City Walls and Minceta tower which acted as the House of Undying. Is this your first visiting spot? Check out our villas in Dubrovnik and vacation in style!

2. City of Split and the Fortress of Klis Croatia

Split Croatia

All scenes in Split were filmed inside the famous Diocletian Palace, a stunning monument of Split on the UNESCO World Hertiage list! One of the interesting scenes is definitely the Daenerysdragon training scene in her throne room. Visit the real throne room Diocletian Palace Substructures during your visit! On your departure of the city go to the Fortress of Klis located only 10 kilometers away which acted as the City of Meereen, the largest of three Slaver Cities from which a magnificent panorama view spreads proudly! MyLuxoria travel agency offers villas near Split here!

3. The City of Trogir Croatia: Qarth harbor

Who doesn't remember the scenewhere warlocks of Qarth imprisoned Khaleesi’s dragons? The Trogir Old Town was another stunning filming location and Trogir harbor served as the trading harbor of Qarth. Another spot is St. Dominic’s monastery, a must visit spot on the way to the next Game of Thrones filming location in Croatia. Check out our villas in Trogir!

Quarth Harbour Game of Thrones

4. The city of Šibenik Croatia: Bravoos city

The magnificent historical city of Šibenik Croatia is the Renaissance Croatian city which acted as theCity of Bravoos. It is well known that people in Šibenik were highly skilled sailors and swordsmen just like the Bravoos locals in the series were. See the Bravoos bank, which is actually the famous Cathedral of St. James, another monument from the UNESCO world heritage list!

Bravoos city and Šibenik Croatia Game of Thrones

Relive the scene where Arya Stark follows the locals in the square in front of the cathedral. St. Anthony channel can be seen entering the city just as the 120 meter Titan of Braavos appears as the symbol of the city! National park Krka poses as Landscapes of the West, and it worth a visit too! Rent villa near Šibenik now!

Do you like our pick of GOT filming locations in Croatia? The last season of the show is here, so which is the better vacation spot than Croatia for a true fan?

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