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Baraka Winery Croatia: a new experience every year

Baraka Winery Croatia: a new experience every year

Welcome to Baraka Winery Srima, a family-owned boutique winery located on Srima peninsula near the city of Šibenik and famous tourist destination, the city of Vodice Croatia. It is run by the Baraka family and they run it completely focused on quality and service to their guests!

Winemaking in Dalmatia Croatia

The winery produces wine from local and international wine sorts Cabarnet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Plavina and Babić, totalling at 11 500 vines at over 4 acresof land! There are also an 360 olives in the olive grove, lavender field, wildlife and much more, which in combination provides the perfect traditional Mediterranean ecosystem for eco-friendly winemaking and wine production! The land is surrounded by the magnificent river Krka, part of Krka National Park, the Adriatic Sea as well as the beautiful St. Anthony Channel.

Wine tasting Vodice Croatia

Every little detail counts in winemaking, and Baraka family always improves their concept, so a different wine awaits their guests every year and quality of the process is guaranteed, from sampling in the field to final bottling. Join Baraka family on their journey through unique wining experience in Dalmatia! Dalmatia region in Croatia has always been a place of magnificent people and nature filled withrich history and cultural heritage!

Wine cellar Baraka winery

In their tasting room you can tries local delicacies different wines and after that you become a true friend and part of the family. Rent villa near Vodice or rent villa in Šibenik and be sure to visit Baraka Winery experience during your stay!

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