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Chefs' stage – International gastronomy in Šibenik

Chefs' stage – International gastronomy in Šibenik

In March 2019 the Croatian city of Šibenik becomes the stage of world gastronomy for two whole days!

The most important Croatian gastronomy convention Chefs' stage will be held in the UNESCO protected dalmatian city of Šibenik, Croatia on 18. and 19. of March 2019. Chefs' stage festival is gathering world famous chefs in the industry famous for  their art in gastronomy and hospitality industries.

Gastronomy festival host is Rudolf Stefan, chef of Pelegrini restaurant in Šibenik. The Pelegrini restaurant is located right next to the famous Cathedral of St. James, the most famous monument in the city of Šibenik. This gastronomical congress will show the future of gastronomy and promote important things for the future like chef Croatian chef education, waiter education as well as restaurant management education.

World most famous chefs will promote their specialties on different locations, and they will organize a dinner for visitors of the fair which will show all the best Croatian wine and food producers.

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