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The best villas for weddings in Croatia

The best villas for weddings in Croatia

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Your big day is just around the corner, and you have a lot to organize. Since you have chosen Croatia as your dream wedding destination, you can be sure that the event will be beautiful and the scenery unforgettable.

However, if you are still unsure about the venue for your wedding, a well-deserved and increasingly popular option is luxury villas, and even villas accessible by boat, which have become a real hit for ceremonies. That's why we bring you some of the best wedding destinations in Croatia!

The most popular villas for weddings in Dubrovnik

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, you might think that Dubrovnik will be crowded with tourists and that you won't be able to find a place to hold your wedding. But that's not the case. Dubrovnik is dotted with numerous beaches that are relatively quiet most of the time, and you can choose one of them for your wedding.

What makes Dubrovnik even better is that you can rent a villa for your wedding.

Villa Beba

Villas for weddings in Korčula

This island is undoubtedly a unique wedding destination that you can find in Croatia. Although the island is so beautiful, with its blue sea and rocky structures along the coast, Korčula is not overcrowded as one might think, making it the best choice if you want a summer wedding on a special island - plus, there are so many villas that you can literally take your pick!

Villas for weddings in Šibenik

The Adriatic Sea in Croatia has more beaches than you can visit in a lifetime. But if you want to make your destination wedding a little more special, Šibenik offers great options. Since most of the beaches were restricted to tourists until a few years ago, the possibilities here can be even more interesting than you think.

Villa Sound of Silence and Villa Bas de Bas are two destinations you must visit and consider for your wedding. Banj and Režalište are two beaches that have recently been renovated - that might be what you are looking for in a dream wedding venue.

Villa Bas de Bas

Split - one of the most popular wedding destinations

Although Split appears lower on this list, it is no less deserving than the other mentioned cities. This historic city can add an ancient Roman aesthetic to your wedding.

If you have always envisioned a wedding destination with blue beaches and greenery everywhere, Villa Gala & Galina is one of those that can meet your expectations and provide you with a dream wedding.

A luxury villa wedding in Istria is like a fairy tale

Istria seems like a wedding location from movies. From old cityscapes to rustic shores, you can choose from a whole range of luxury villas in Istria. Rovinj and Poreč are two cities that are very popular for villa weddings. Villa Sancta Maria, Villa Gabrijela, and Villa Malipiero are some great locations that can undoubtedly contribute to the charming atmosphere of your wedding!Villa Sancta Maria


Can you have a civil wedding in Croatia?

Yes, you can have a civil wedding in Croatia. Civil ceremonies are legally recognized and widely practiced in the country.

How long does a Croatian wedding last?

The duration of a Croatian wedding can vary depending on the couple's preferences and specific customs. On average, weddings in Croatia can last from a few hours to a whole day, and even several days, including the ceremony, reception, and various celebrations.

How to get married in Croatia?

To get married in Croatia, you will need to fulfill certain requirements and follow a few steps. This usually involves obtaining the necessary documents, such as birth certificates, submitting them to the local registry office, and scheduling an appointment for officially registering the marriage. It is recommended to contact the local authorities or consult with a wedding planner to understand the specific procedure and legal requirements for getting married in Croatia.

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