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Croatian dried figs: Sweet and tasty source of healthy living

Croatian dried figs: Sweet and tasty source of healthy living

Organic dried figs produced in an eco-friendly environment in the Croatian southern region of Dalmatia are one of the highest quality dried fruits available in the country.Even though it's "just a fruit", we could still add dried figs to the list ofbest dishes one can try in Dalmatia.

Its tasty flavor will satisfy any taste, and their amazing colors are an amazing addition and a great idea for your next social media post!

Dried figs

Benefits of dried figs

Dried figs can be used in desserts, juices, as a sweety snack and there are evenjams made from figsperfect for a healthy breakfast!

Dried figs are a rich source of fibers and are very healthy for digestion. They contribute to heart health too. Those who look after their sugar intake will also be happy as the average fig has 12 grams of sugar, less than muchother fruit in its categories. The same is for calories too!

Croatian fruit dried figsWith a good amount of vitamin E, vitamin C, and calcium, dried figs are good for skincareand they will keep you looking younger for longer!

Other benefits include effects on bone density as dried figs are rich in minerals, they can lower high blood pressure, improve your immune system, and much much more. They can help you lose weight too!

Bowl of dried figs

When does the dried fig season start?

Like a majority of other fruits, figs can be picked from the tree and consumed right away. Thefig leaf is also very interesting and can be used to make some delicious tea good for throat ache and respiratory issues.

Dried figs can be eaten all year round! Green or dried, both taste amazing! Dried figs packed in paperbagscan last you an entire year and still keep their flavor.

Benefits of dried figs

Fig season starts in August, and after it finishes be sure to keep some dried figs in supply!

Many people haven't tried eating dried figs. If you are one of them, be sure totry them on your next vacation in the Croatian south, whether it be the inland or the islands! Start your journey this summer and book your villa on time!

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