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Enjoy luxurious adrenaline activities!

Enjoy luxurious adrenaline activities!

Travelling is not only cause for getting to know new places and people, but also for exploring and trying new things. Very popular nowadays is adrenaline tourism which turns a carefree, simple vacation into an unforgettable adventure. Since the popularity of extreme sports keeps growing, the number of adrenaline activities available to people also keeps increasing.

Whether you are a fan of flying, the underwater world or any other form of excitement, Croatia is a paradise for lovers of active tourism, nature, and adrenaline. Dive in and discover the hidden beauties of the coast, awash with unsurpassed beauty.

Discover all corners of wild nature on foot, on horseback, or by bike. Unleash the energy in the wonderful landscapes while rafting and kayaking, sail through the air with parachutes and paragliders, and expand your horizons on Biokovo and Vidova Gora. Live new experiences, enjoy every feeling, and come and discover Croatia!

Bungee jumping

Some overcome their fear of heights, others are euphoric and constantly on the hunt for that certain thrill. Bungee jumping attracts many adventurers to the country. 

Imagine gazing at one of the most beautiful views on the Adriatic, as the sky is reflected in the blue expanse below you. Then dive into this view by jumping from a platform, like a beautiful picture postcard.

Such a magnificent view is offered from the Maslenica Bridge, which is the highest point for bungee jumping in Croatia at 56 meters. The best thing about the bungee jump is the adrenaline rush and Croatia is the right country for such memories, so dare to take the craziest bungee memory with you from the highest spot on the Adriatic.

Apart from jumping from the Maslenica Bridge, it is also possible to jump from the Šibenik Bridge. The bridge is about ten meters lower and the experience lasts a split second shorter, but the experience is equally unforgettable.

Bungee jumping


To write about active forms of tourism and not mention rafting is simply unthinkable. Whitewater rafting is a sport of navigation whitewater in an inflatable boat (also known as a ‘raft’), skillfully harnessing the power of currents and river flows and the combined efforts of rafters guided by the expert and experienced boat driver, the ‘skipper’.

Although the rivers in Croatia are not dangerous, they should not be underestimated. Rafting is an extreme sport and you should never go down without professional guidance and equipment.


Although it is not one of Croatia’s long rivers, with its 64 kilometres, the Mrežnica nevertheless proudly boasts beautiful gorges and about one hundred travertine waterfalls that cross it throughout the river’s course.

None of these waterfalls can compete with the great waterfalls of the Plitvice Lakes and the Krka Waterfalls, but they are unique for their picturesque qualities. Therefore, treat yourself to the fun of rafting on this river, in good company for lots of pleasure, swimming and enjoyment of nature.


This magnificent river, crystal clear water, and waterfalls are ideal for an adventure not to be missed. You can paddle through the quiet stretches and listen to the life of the river Zrmanja before becoming a witness to the strength of nature as the mighty Veliki Buk waterfall opens up before you.

The river has built up a barrier at some points, where you can simply get out of the boat, make a descent on the footpath along the gorge and admire this masterpiece of nature while listening to the sound of the water hitting the eddy of the river.Zrmanja river


The Adriatic Sea is a small, closed sea, yet surprisingly large enough to hide some of the most beautiful dive sites in the world, where life is rich and diverse. The most attractive diving areas in the Adriatic, in addition to the plant and animal species, are ship and plane wrecks as well as underwater reefs and caves. 

The Istrian peninsula is not only the most popular holiday region in Croatia but also a paradise for divers. Along the Istrian coast, there are many shipwrecks on the seabed and the Brijuni National Park has many beautiful animal and plant species to offer.

The Kvarner Bay region offers divers a unique experience with its fantastic island world. The underwater world of Kvarner Bay is rich in animal and plant species, especially the island of Rab. The Kvarner Bay also offers luxurious, modern villas for a deluxe vacation.

The Dalmatia region offers interesting diving locations. Some of the most beautiful diving areas can be found in the central part of the Dalmatian region. That is, from Primošten to the island of Hvar. There are numerous shipwrecks, rich flora, and fauna and many good diving spots. Primošten also offers wonderful villas for a luxurious rest spot between dives.

Water parks

Water parks promise lots of summer fun for the whole family. There are endless water slides, diving boards, and incredible pools. You can swim in the biggest wave pool in Istralandia, feel the excitement of the Fun park Biograd or enjoy some of the other aquaparks in Umag, Lošinj, or Fažana. The fun never ends!

The magical water world Istralandia is located in Novigrad, only five kilometers from the coast. The youngest visitors can enjoy a water castle, water slides and pirate ships. The aquapark is designed for a full day of entertainment.

Biograd na Moru offers a spectacular entertainment park for the whole family, plus it is located in the heart of the Adriatic Coast. You can enjoy adrenaline attractions such as rollercoasters, Ferris wheels, and spinning coaster. 

If water parks sound interesting to you, you can check out villas in Istria or villas in Zadar to be close to these amazing and adventurous activities.

villa Vid

The sky beneath your feet

There is nothing more exciting than climbing the clouds. There are more than 30 perfect places to practice paragliding that are scattered throughout the country. You can experience the adventure of life in the sky above Zadar, Lošinj, Istria, Hvar, or Zagreb. Did you know that the inventor of the parachute was Faust Vrančić, who was born in Šibenik? Experience air sports in the land of their inventor!

Some of the air activities that you can try in Croatia are hang gliding, wingsuit flying, parachuting, paragliding, panoramic flights, and BASE jumping.

In the hinterland of Crikvenica is Tribalj - a place suitable for hanging gliders of all kinds. Absolute beginners as well as experts will enjoy the flight with a view of the Croatian island of Krk and the Kvarner Bay. You can fly over the Cetina River, the spectacular Adriatic island of Brač and Hvar or the Biokovo mountain range.

Croatia has it all: amazing adrenaline spots for novice thrill-seekers, but also experienced adrenaline junkies. Other than extreme sports, Croatia also offers dreamy beaches, breathtaking landscapes, delicious cuisine, luxurious villas, and historical sites. If you haven’t yet fallen in love with this land of wonders, what are you waiting for?

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