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NOX Electronic Music Festival: Crazy fun with a view of Šibenik city

NOX Electronic Music Festival: Crazy fun with a view of Šibenik city

NOX Music Festival returns to a new location this summer! NOX has become a symbol of electronic music in Šibenik Croatia as well as Dalmatia region and 2019. will be special on the new summer location on Martinska peninsula looking at the magnificent city of Šibenik.

The festival will be held on 2. and 3. of August and it will accommodate around 20 international, regional and local music stars! Throughout the two days, a lot of visitors are expected and the after party and other activities won't be forgotten either!

Electronic music will entertain guests on two stages and your hosts will be some big names like Juan Atkins, Red Axes, Coeus, Lawrence Klein, and many many others!

Šibenik officials have created a zone of extreme fun and enjoyment in the forgotten camp at Martinska peninsula which will host a few music festivals like Regulus, Seasplash, TLM, Kanal Fest, NOX, Membrain and Blast!

The location is ready to welcome a large number of guests and the view of the Šibenik city will amaze any taste, and it can be reached by car or by boat.

Šibenik city is obviously not interesting only for its rich cultural and historical heritage, it is also a small town for big parties! It is truly a city of festivals and one of the Croatian electronic music hotspots which hosted big names like TERR, BOg and this summer Ame and HVOB are coming to this great city.

Martinska festivals are only a part of a rich program, other festivals include the traditional International Children's festival, Love International Festival, Defected Croatia and others. And don't forget Šibenik fortresses!

As the NOX Music Festival location is situated on a protected natural reservation on Krka river, cleaning of the sea floor and land area will be organized, and all the collected garbage and litter will be used to build artwork - three letters NOX which will have their own light show in the night.

This art installation is meant to remind everyone of our beautiful nature!

Did we mention that camping on Martinska will be free for 5 days in August for all visitors of the Nox Music Festival? If you would like to vacation in style during your stay, book your villa in Šibenik on time!

Photos: NOX Music Festival

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