Vacationing in the Croatian south: The Metković city and the Neretva valley

Vacationing in the Croatian south: The Metković city and the Neretva valley

Welcome to the interesting, fun and diverse Croatian south and the Neretva valley, one of the best choices for an amazing vacation! With its amazing nature and breathtaking views, the Neretva valley will amaze you with each look.

Its best-known city is the city of Metković, located in the historical spot between two famous historical powers, the Turks and the Venetians, rich with cultural and historical heritage and despite its delicate position in ancient politics the city kept its Dalmatian spirit and its people.

The year 1422. is considered to be the year of the city's foundations and the first mention in the history books. The first settlement was on the Predolac hill and it is still today a place with a stunning view of the city all the way to Pelješac!

The city today has more than 17 000 people and it has a very vivid cultural life as well as many sporting events. There are many things you can enjoy in the city of Metković and you will surely not regret a visit. Tens of thousands of visitors come and go every year and they crave more each time and leave satisfied with a promise to return!

The port of Metković is known as a green gem and it is one of the best starting points for a tour of Neretva valley. A famous destination in sacral monuments and Christian sanctuaries is the Međugorje town, and it definitely should be one of the spots on your visit list. You will enjoy its sacral architecture!

One of the best experiences you can check out during your vacation in the Neretva valley is the slow boat ride down the river. It is truly a great experience for those who enjoy untouched nature, archeology, and gastronomical delights.

An amazing event takes place every year in Metković city and Neretva river, and it is a Traditional Boat Marathon. Traditional boats make their way through a 22-kilometer route on the river and it is a magnificent sight! It is fun for young and old and everyone will enjoy it! See the boats traveling on the same route as those in history centuries ago! If you happen to miss this event, you could always on your own with a boat excursion or maybe rent a traditional boat or peddling board.

The same route can take you on a Photo Safari on the Neretva river so it is another trip you can enjoy. Neretva river is always full of surprises!

The Architectural Museum of Metković is another must-visit sight in the nearby Vid town, a famous pirate stronghold in history. It was built on the ancient location of the forum of the city of Nerona, an ancient Roman city from the times of Emperor Augustus, approximately 3rd century BC.

The city then was full of life and its heritage carries on today with remains of many statues, tribunes, and temples that were an important part of ancient city life. The museum has more than 900 pieces and things you can explore, so get ready!

Another museum that you could visit is the Natural History Museum. As this Croatian region has many swamp areas, people used to dry them out making rich agricultural plantations that were an important part of the economy.

Along with agriculture comes the wildlife and the museum holds more than 340 species of birds most of which come from the Neretva valley. It shows life in the swamps and the wildlife that comes with it.

Griffon vulture was known to live in this area, but it was extinct due to the extinction of livestock farming in the hills.

Another interesting sight is called the pit in Predolac, where you can find a shell Congerie, unique in the world and thought to be extinct almost 5 million years ago.

If you enjoy military architecture, you visit Norin Tower from the 19th century as well as the Smrdangrad tower which were used to defend the valley from the Turk invasion.

Did you know that this region is known to have the best tangerines in Croatia? You can even participate in the harvest and check out how the locals are making a living in the region as it is a very important crop and a major part of daily life.

After the work, enjoy some traditional gastronomical delights like the frog and eel dishes! Very tasty trademark of the region!

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Photos: Metkovic city tourist board